Hi its me John Barry.  As you may notice this website is no longer for the restaurant O’Cajcen Seafood it has moved to http://ocajcenseafood.com.  My new website http://www.barryrealmarketing.com

My Story

Well you might be wondering what I’m doing on here.  Well I’m the original owner and creator of O’Cajcen Seafood in Pearland, TX.  I built the restaurant up from scratch and finally sold it off.  As you may or may not know, starting a restaurant up (or any business for that matter) is no easy task.  I had no friends or family in the area and had no knowledge of the great city.  To complicate things even more, I had no experience in the restaurant industry except taking out a date every once in a while.

Well things started off with a bang, as most businesses do when they 1st open, but soon, Summer set in and the newness quickly wore off.  We were on the old side of town, lots of people left for the Summer and many more things to boot.  Don’t get me wrong we had LOYAL customers and AWESOME food, but just not enough customers to sustain a full on restaurant…

How I Turned It Around

my new business ====> Barry Real Marketing

Now being the nerd that I am, I got to searching, thinking and so found out I had to learn everything I could about marketing.  I spent $1,000s on going to seminars, newsletters and reading books (I still do!) and that’s when things started to change for me.  I joined a Restaurant Marketing Mastermind of the best Restaurant ”marketers” in North America.  I paid over $10k a year to meet and network with these people to learn the basics as well as the cutting edge ideas.  I learned from Rory Fatt and the great Dan Kennedy.  I learned direct response marketing and began getting more and more customers in the door.

Now while studying all these different techniques and being surrounded by all these great people it was always hard to not hear about the big money being made on the Internet.  Well, that peaked my interest and I wanted to figure out how I could use the same skills people were using to get millions of customers to come to their website to do the same to my restaurant website.

Just following some techniques that no other restaurants would want to try (or even knew about) started bringing in a lot of new customers.  Seriously, at some points I had to turn off the marketing “faucet” cause there were no seats left in the restaurant on Friday nights for over 3 hrs.

Well as you could tell, I love this marketing stuff…and that’s what eventually led me to sell the restaurant.  I wasn’t a restaurant guy, I am a marketing guy!

How Can I Help You?

Now I know there are plenty of you business owners in Pearland, Sugar Land, Pasadena that are amazing at what they do, but just don’t have the knowledge or time to implement all the marketing things that they need to.

Definitely during these difficult economic times you really need to have your marketing in order.  I know how difficult it can be to have a local business with a great product but not have the customers.  This is why I have devoted my time to Local businesses to help them market their products and services.

To find out how you can get more customers today go to my new website, Barry Real Marketing – Local SEO experts serving Pearland, Sugar Land, Pasadena and Houston areas.

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Cbd Tinctures for Dummies

by admin on September 18, 2018

Cbd Tinctures for Dummies

I think the fundamentals of herbal recovery and identifying native edibles and medicinals ought to be common understanding for grownups and kids . You will want help in the shape of expert or a psychologist to see you get through the ordeal. For people that take CBD in hopes it will aid with anxiety fake pee or pain, vaping can be a better choice than strategies.

EiKwVmh Cbd Tinctures for Dummies

A Secret Weapon for Cbd Tinctures

If you locate the plants you would like do not be hesitant to make a few quarts of tincture. Now you have to pick on a herb for the remedy. So, you simply may want to understand how to create and utilize cannabis tinctures.

A tincture is created by the Healing Course. The interval hemp is utilized to spell a cannabis sativa plant comprising only trace quantities of THC. Seed doesn’t contain THC.

What’s clear is that process of glands is important to wellness that is human. All they should do is to spray the dose into their mouths and they have an quick and effective absorption of CBD that is known to assist in various medical conditions such as stress arthritis, chronic pain and anxiety. CBD is apparently lively at all kinds of receptors, and also the purpose appears to be to enhance the activity of the endocannabinoid system, and decrease inflammation by way of example brain.

Cbd Tinctures: No Longer a Mystery

Look at beginning the separations for a couple of moments then get the business done before you return to function. Knowing the function THC and CBD perform in creating these effects are going to be able to enable you to locate the strain for your concerns. Studies in the past decade have demonstrated that the endocannabinoid system can be understood in the majority of mammals.

These stores offer the goods in a lot of forms. The cannabis business is new and similar to the wild west with respect. When businesses try to profit from customer ignorance Hemp Bombs attempts to educate its customer base so that they can make informed purchasing decisions.

There are, moreover, some handy on-line tools which may help you find the dose to your needs out. These tools are able to help you understand what kinds of delivery and product methods are offered in your region. Subsequently Thoughtcloud is among the company which offers all of the CBD goods in the type if you’re searching for goods.

The War Against Cbd Tinctures

Ahead of creating your tincture, you may want to construct a vast array of supplies and ingredients that are likely to be demanded. Adding the oil to food, including a milkshake or tea can be likewise an choice. When dose is regarded by it, figuring out the amount that is proper to present your dog may be the thing.

Medical marijuana comes from diverse sweets of the CBD form that is high and the types of ready-made candy. Oils should be kept in the refrigerator. Cannabis is a fairly powerful acrylic, and little quantities are wanted to have a potent influence on the human body and mind.

What Has to be Done About Cbd Tinctures

The matter with CBD is the fact that because the industry is so new, it can be hard to spot which goods are termed high-quality. A selection of hemp that is safe CBD petroleum goods are available here. CBD has become wildly popular in the course of just a couple decades, and inside this period, several companies have risen to provide powerful and safe CBD goods.

It’s the ideal method to consider if you don’t enjoy the flavor of CBD. There are likewise a variety different flavors available that individuals can select from to personalize their CBD vaporizing experience. There are lots of CBD tincture merchandise to pick from, using flavors and CBD advantages, and most of these are straightforward to use.

Among the greatest aspects of CBD Hemp Oil Drops is they’re simple to operate with in deciding precisely how much CBD you must attain the desired consequences. So it’s your responsibility to make certain your CBD petroleum is by a trusted 29, the hemp industry from america of america is not closely controlled. Creating your own cannabis oil isn’t difficult, but you need to be mindful of vapor off gas.

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