Flavia Delmonte of Flavlicious Fitness Presents Full Body Licious

by admin on April 15, 2011

Flavia Delmonte of Flavlicious Fitness is coming out with her latest female fitness workout program Full Body Licious. Get her free workouts at flaviliciousfitness.org.

In sports and fitness process, it was not because of thirst drank water from a finished, the results cause bloating, stomach pain and discomfort, decreased muscle strength; Although thirst was unbearable, but did not dare to drink water, not to wait until after training 30 minutes to drink water, so dehydration, a health hazard. How to keeping hydrated in fitness training?

● the timing of replenishment
Some people think that drinking water will increase the training burden on the heart, affecting gastric emptying, there will be stretching the stomach pain and other symptoms, it cannot drink water. This view and practice is wrong. Studies have shown that a large number of long training the body will sweat, plasma volume can be reduced 16%, timely replenishment of plasma volume can increase, decrease blood flow resistance and improve the efficiency of the heart and exercise duration. Furthermore, the amount of training will not make emptying capacity of drinking water not only decrease, it will worsen. Therefore, training the body to lose water should be promptly added. Of course, make up about 30 minutes before training and better water. If the training unbearable thirst, you can rest in a small amount of pay between the two groups. The super-intensity training, in addition to complement the water before training, the best training pay.

● complement the temperature of water and water
Training time is not too much make up water, or not conducive to absorption, but also make the stomach expansion, prevent the diaphragm activities of digestive function. The correct way is to pay a few times, you can rest in each group drank a sip of water, 25 ml. Can also fill every 5 minutes once the water, each drinking water does not exceed 100 ml. Water, warm water is best, even in summer, the water temperature should be between 5 to 10 degrees, cannot drink ice water.

● Choice of water
The choice of water, sports drinks should be as far as possible. In view of women are sensitive to heat, with the particularity of women’s physiology, it is recommended to select the professional female sports female fitness drinks, such as is currently popular in the gym Kang Bite “campaign beauty”, which is the amount of the first women to sports and fitness tailored to health drinks, which can meet the many needs of women’s fitness, including the added water, electrolytes and vitamins, reduce heat and increase dietary fiber intake, reduce fat at the same time can enhance the effectiveness of the lemon flavor, fresh and tasty, women’s sports and fitness drinks on the election

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