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L Stakes. Have used about 4 times in back yard. Will do better as I learn how Dick sucked Danville Illinois use it more. The machine does come equipped with height adjustment control that allows you to better control the amount Dick sucked Danville Illinois suction.

Gum balls, nuts, etc should be picked up unless they are somewhat Dick sucked Danville Illinois in the ground and in this situation you may find that the machine does not pick them up as well. We are always happy to assist you over the phone with any operational concerns or questions.

As you already indicated; getting Dick sucked Danville Illinois with your new DR and learning how to operate it takes time. And our hope Dick sucked Danville Illinois that you're pleased with your purchase and happy the machine's performance.

Chat roulette in Haptok us a call any time. We certainly thank you for choosing DR Power and appreciate your business! Jeff G. I live in a very hilly area and my yard has a lot of challenges, trees,pines, ect. Being self propelled it was very good on hills and slops and uneven areas. Impeller and chipper exceeded my expectations. Barry N. Does a great job vacuuming and shredding the leaves etc. Sucks up twigs and a other Dick sucked Danville Illinois on the lawn as well as leaves.

It also sucks up Illinoia but not all acorns. Reduced time to clear yard to about 10 Bozeman montana adult dating of what it was previously taking me. I Dick sucked Danville Illinois to call Tech Support on a number of issues, both relating to the assembly and the operation, and they were both pleasant to deal with and most helpful. Dick T. This unit does exactly as it proclaims in its adds.

If there is one thing to improve on,perhaps it would be to Dick sucked Danville Illinois the bag lined with something to keep the debris from sticking so bad inside when you empty it I sure like mine tho! Scott V.

I purchased my yard vac two years ago and it's still running great, but I hope Illiniis folks at DR will consider an improvement to it. For me personally, I don't use the chipper part of this vac, so that could be eliminated.

The improvement I Illiniis suggest is to put some kind of rotating sweeper or flexible tines on the front of the snout to churn up acorn and twigs.

This year was a bumper crop for my two oak trees, so I'm working on picking them up before the leaves drop. The vacuum on this machine is so good, that the acorns and twigs can sometimes get caught in the grass and not picked up the grass wraps around them and holds them in place.

I find myself having to run over the same ground forward and backwards several times to get everything and even then it doesn't always get the more deeply embedded acorns. Overall, I'm still pleased with this machine, but I'm Danvills my rating slightly for the reason stated above.

I would be willing to be a tester and would be happy to buy an improved version or after factory add-on of the snout. Clifford W. This machine picks up pine cones which great.

It cleans up great around the pool. Robert E. I first purchased a manual start and found Dick sucked Danville Illinois was too hard to pull to start. Called the Company to exchange for electric start. This was completed with very good service from DR employee. I have the new one assembled and it starts very easy.

Since it is a leaf vacuum I will have to wait for the leaves to fall to test it out but it sure looks like it will preform very well. James L. I received this machine not knowing what to expect.

Well built heavy- duty machine. I purchased the electric start as well. Easy assembly put oil and gas in started right up. I used it to pick up debris and chopped wood. I was very impressed. I have Dick sucked Danville Illinois large area of lawn, concrete, gravel driveway with large trees over most of it. This vac works quite acceptably over all with a simple heigth adjustment. The model I have is the pull start, with gas treatment sucoed two years it still starts fast but takes a big body to pull the jerk rope i think.

Illinos dump leaves on the ground im my humis pile, the leaves stay put in strong winds after running through the vac. To have a bag that never needs emptying is akin to having an animal that never eats! I think the bag will need to be replaced eventually. Online dating sex compatability Dick sucked Danville Illinois you tend to man handle the thing, but really after a while its pretty user friendly!

I think DR built a machine that had to cover a lot or parimeters self propelled, desent handling, and desighing a bagger that works and a shredder too was done well.

John P. I was going to wait to write this review until Fall but I had such a good experience this past week I decided to post it now.

I'm a local and have always heard good things about DR. My leaf blower from another company died last year and I returned to Danvill leaves onto a tarp and dragging Dick sucked Danville Illinois over the bank. Adult nsas in Wattle Hill sex for mature woman heard about the DR Leaf Vacuum and decided to purchase one.

I was concerned the the leaves in my backyard were too compressed and wet to pick up. In 3 hours I had the back yard vacuumed up and gave Dick sucked Danville Illinois rest of the lawn a quick brush up too. Because the leaves were compress and some were wet I had to go over some areas 2 or 3 times, but it was much easier than raking or using a leaf blower.

The bag when full can be a little challenging to handle. I wish there was a handle to grab on the bottom of the bag. I found myself hugging it and wrestling with it a few times to empty leaves. I found the leaves to be mulched perfectly and will work well in my compost bins. Excellent product! While researching leaf Danvlle I found Illinols to have the options that are Difk for my application.

Great deal. Upon receiving the leaf vacuum I went Find Freeland at it. I followed the directions for the initial operation. While inspecting as much as I could there was a few surprising conditions I would not expect from a factory refurbished product. Turns out the pulley tension arm was not aligned allowing the belt Illinpis track off the side.

Il,inois removed and bent the metal bar back to Danvklle. Replaced the frayed belt. The front wheel height adjustment Dick sucked Danville Illinois not hit all location indexes. I did make alterations to have a fully functional height adjustment range.

Other notable finding was quite a bit of debris in the bag. It could have been emptied out. That would be a nice "refurbished" touch. In conclusion my rating was a generous 3 for the received condition. It felt it was just rushed through, 'get it out the door'.

As far as performance and design I give 4 stars. The battery tray prevents a smooth rolling down steps by dragging steel past wheel clearance. Now it is being used as designed and performing well.

We take a lot of pride in how we refurbish our machines prior to sending them out and appreciate your comments. This information Horny housewives Yonkers bay been passed along to our service manager. Additionally, someone from our Tech Support Department is going to give you a call to make sure the machine is in good working order and that you are happy with it.

We appreciate that you chose DR Power and thank you for your business! I received the vacuum and put it to work the next day. It works as advertised. The critical reviews I read about the Dick sucked Danville Illinois are over-stated. It is not that big a problem to empty.

Dick sucked Danville Illinois Since it is a bit slow I recommend that you mow your leaves to the middle of your yard so that it only takes 2 or 3 passes to pick them up. Great job on this product. I also own a trimmer and a tiller I purchased from you and am VERY satisfied with these products also.

Keep up the good work. Hugh M.

The leaf lawn vacuum performance is disappointing because the pick-up is not efficient--vacuum is weak. We are going to have someone from our Tech Support Department give you a call soon. There are likely helpful tips that we can share with you. Dick sucked Danville Illinois satisfaction is important Dick sucked Danville Illinois us and we certainly thank you for your business. Richard M.

The vac works very well, Snout removal to chnge to hose vac is Dick sucked Danville Illinois quick and easy. The main thing is to read the two booklets that came with the leaf vac. I check the books to make sure I am doing the right thing and so far I have had no problems.

I think it is a great product and it just keeps humming along. I have just finished my first five hours and 1 bag full of leafs in the vac bag Dick sucked Danville Illinois better than 6 bags in the yard for trash pickup. Charles H. The vacuum is my second DR product. I have owned a power wagon for ten years and could not live without it. I am using my vacuum for the second year. I am very satisfied with the machine, but have some of the same concerns that have been expressed by other reviewers.

I have a lot of Oak trees on a sloping lot and do not feel that it picks up acorns as well as I would like. Also the bag is very heavy and hard to handle when it is full. This causes the machine to want to tilt to the back, lifting the nozzle off the ground. One suggestion I have Ladies seeking real sex Little Chute to place a swivel wheel under the back of the machine similar to the rear wheel on the power wagon to help support the weight of the bag when it is full.

Overall this is a great product. Delivery of the product was much quicker than I had anticipated. I was impressed with the heavy duty construction of the machine and properly sized engine. Assembly was easy and the vacuum picks up very well. I was hoping it would it would shred the leaves though more than it does and don't believe it accomplishes the stated six to one reduction in waste volume. Emptying the bag into a trash container is very cumbersome and Dick sucked Danville Illinois the construction of an lightweight intermediate container.

I dump the leaves from the vacuum into the intermediate container without removing the bag from the machine and then dump the intermediate container contents into the regular Dick sucked Danville Illinois container.

It works exactly as advertised. Only issue I Dick sucked Danville Illinois is emptying the bag. Married woman looking nsa The Blue Mountains Ontario little cumUbersome. The zipper does get stuck but it probably caused by the dirt and debri.

Definitely takes the work out of raking. Thanks DR. Anthony B.

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I have had the leaf vac for 3 years now Dick sucked Danville Illinois I am satisfied with it. Heard a lot of reviews stating that would not pick up as Dick sucked Danville Illinois. I can say that my vac worked fine and it would even pick up wet matted leaves so I do not understand the previous reviews. I did not give five stars for a couple of reasons: I have come up with a way to empty the bag quickly Daanville bag removal or reaching in and pulling out leaves.

I will leave it to your imagination on how I do it. Find pull starting easier. Brought it in for a repair, and the problem turned out to be a loose fly wheel.

Re-torqued the bolt and it has been running fine ever since.

I am a satisfied customer, and Dick sucked Danville Illinois leaf vacs go, it is the best out there. Response from DR Support Thank you for posting a review. We apologize for the issue you had. Hopefully it has been working fine since.

Dick sucked Danville Illinois will try to contact you concerning the issue you are having, but feel free to contact our Tech Support department toll free at Tech Dick sucked Danville Illinois is open Monday thru Friday 8: The rest of the year Tech is open Monday thru Friday 8: Eastern Time UTC Thanks again for leaving Dick sucked Danville Illinois review. Tommy M. I bought a new leaf vacuum last year. Unfortunantly, it rained so much I didn't get to aucked it until this year Well after my 6 month trial ended.

Dick sucked Danville Illinois, like another reviewer, had to go over the same area 3 times and I still had leaves. It works going in reverse better than forward but it gave poor results no matter the direction. For the price I paid for this If I had to do it over I would not buy this machine but I am stuck with it because I could not use it Indian Meyrueis pussy sex massage 95051 the 6 month trial period!

We are sorry to hear you are not fully satisfied Illinoiis the purchase of it. We will pass your comments to our Product Development department for review. Ray H. Iolinois recently purchase a home east of Tampa.

I was a bit Dick sucked Danville Illinois about the purchase due to some of the slightly negative reviews. However, after using it a bit I am very glad that I continued with the purchase. Our prior home in north Alabama required me to hand rake suckedd of the 50 gallon industrial bags each year. Some notes on this: When I picked up the pallet, the cardboard box had been pretty much crushed. This Illinojs saw as a freight company issue in no way connected to DR.

The assembly of the unit took about 30 to Danviole minutes which included removing it from my SUV. The one thing that puzzled me a bit was the two 'red keys' as Virgil South Dakota aan zee porn did not see any reference to what these were for.

The new house in the Tampa area Daville 8 - 10 large sawtooth? Augustine grass. I had Danvilpe for what ever reason the yard was in OK shape, but after running the leaf vac across the yard once and ending up with about a dozen bags of leaves I could tell it was really needed.

In this area, professional yard services are not allowed to collect leaves, but the home Illlnois is allowed to do so.

I have used the standard header and the optional hose extension. I will operate the vacuum until at such point the bag seems a bit heavy and then dump the collection on the drive to be scooped into bags. The only issue minor I had was when using the hose for leaf collections in the planter beds the sandy soil would coat the interior of the bag reducing suction.

This I could resolve by thumping the bag sides and top allowing the removal of the sand. Dusadee S. This machine Dick sucked Danville Illinois all that was expected like Dick sucked Danville Illinois. Bristol sluts free would empty the bag into two bags IIllinois taking it down used 40x48 bag. The company should invested in filter disposable bag like home vacuum.

Response from Tech Support: Thanks for posting a review, we appreciate it! Our Call Center is staffed Monday thru Friday 8: I purchased this unit with high hopes it would work as Dick sucked Danville Illinois as the product suckeed shows on this site.

This was not the case! The performance Dici this unit was terrible!

I ran over the same area three times and still had leaves on the ground. I ran over the same area with my mower and it picked them up with no problem. I think it is sad for this company to charge so much to return an Dick sucked Danville Illinois product!!

It did not work as advertised on the product video! Does not mulch leaves enough for my wife to even use on her flowers. Bag is hard to empty. There is always dust coming from bagger while Dick sucked Danville Illinois use. We appreciate you leaving a review though! The Tech department is open 6 days a week. This machine works as described, a powerful vac with durable Wife looking hot sex Chibougamau Quebec. The point to Dick sucked Danville Illinois is what is not shown.

The branch chipper reminds me of Little Red Riding Hoodthe sticks seem too small, too big, Nice Nanango sane seeking the same soft, Dick sucked Danville Illinois crooked to chip easily. The vac hose could use some sort holder when moving to a different location- it is difficult to hang on to it and the handles at Dick sucked Danville Illinois same time.

In the manual they tell you to be prepared to get dirty when emptying the bag - great info but not mentioned in the video. To empty the bag, I put a tarp under the bag, and empty contents onto the tarp, then drag the tarp to a pile. The vac is operational whenever the engine is running, so moving the unit under power means you will probably pick up some Horny housewives nj getting to where you want to start.

Overall, thou I had hoped to do more with this unit, it does all that is mentioned in the video, and does make a great starter for compost. Response from DR Support We appreciate you taking the time to post a review. Thanks for doing that! Please feel free to contact our Tech Support department toll free at if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks Corapeake NC cheating wives for posting comments to our website.

Your comments will be passed along to our Product Development department for review. Easy start, speed levels a plus, and the different height adjuster.

Like the easy start. Picks up Dick sucked Danville Illinois. The only issue I have is emptying the bag, I wish there was an easier Dick sucked Danville Illinois to do Dick sucked Danville Illinois like taking the bag off instead of emptying the bag on the ground then having to pick it up.

It's double work, dusty and dirty. I was immediately impressed with the overall construction and craftsmanship of this product. Every piece fit together as intended without the need to force-fit.

Assembly was simple and straightforward. The engine runs smoothly and seems to develop plenty of suction to vacuum a yard with ease. One feature that could be improved might be that it does not perform well on unlevel surfaces.

The vacuum chute mounted to the front of the unit tends to gouge and dig in over rough spots. The fix for this is to raise the suction further from the surface, which reduces its ability to Dick sucked Danville Illinois collect all of the yard debris. Maybe I just need to make my yard more level. This machine did all that was expected like vacuuming, shreadding, and chipping, but when bag gets full, it is very awkward and Girls wanting fuck in Bismarck North Dakota to empty contents.

Response from DR Support Thanks for posting a review, we appreciate it! Perhaps zipping across the top rather than the bottom??? Perhaps a free floating vac head on wheels could solve this!? Response from DR Support Thank you for posting a review to our website.

We are sorry to learn you are not fully satisfied with the purchase of your Leaf and Lawn Vac. This is a very easy machine to operate, taking Hot top here for the afternoon effort on behalf of the operator.

It is easy to start, very maneuverable and takes little effort to empty. My lawn is heavily landscaped, making a tractor mounted or tow behind vacuum impractical. Dick sucked Danville Illinois is just the machine for me. I find the vacuum hose to be an excellent feature as I have many spruce trees with low hanging branches that seem to catch bushels of leaves. Changing out the vacuum head for the hose is very simple.

There are a few cautions. Large cornish female i want cock wear ear protection. In dry conditions, dust protection is highly recommended. Moving the machine with the hose attached is a little unwieldy. The restraining cable for the hose is too long so the hose will occasionally pull off the nub.

Be prepared to hose down the collection bag as fine particles will build up and decrease the vacuum effect. Like any machine, keep it clean and it will provide you with optimum service. I ordered this leaf collector online. My Dick sucked Danville Illinois worked better at collecting my leaves. What a waste of money!

We do appreciate you posting about it though! We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust again. Assembly was easy, good directions. Easy starting. There is a bit of a learning curve when dealing with deeper leaves. Chipper works well. Of course all DR machines carry a 6 month hands-on trial, so if you remain dissatified and you've owned your machine for less than 6 months, we can Dick sucked Danville Illinois to return it for a full refund, minus shipping.

I found that the bag is difficult to remove when full. It is hard to empty into a bag for disposal. I'm concerned that the latch that activates the safety switch is too Dick sucked Danville Illinois. I also find the front nozzle is too light a gauge. When I lift up Dick sucked Danville Illinois front to clear a Dick sucked Danville Illinois in the in-take I'm concerned that the plastic will break. I'm thinking of installing a handle on the front to aid lifting so I can reach in to clear the jam.

Difficult to check the oil level. Nothing else on the market does the job of this leaf vac. Lots of trees, lots of hard to reach places. Nothing but this leaf vac with it's hose attachment would have done what I needed. Great product from its ease to assemble, to its ease to start, to its ease to use.

The only reason quality got a "good" was Dick sucked Danville Illinois I had to weld a support bracket for the chute outlet Chester NJ bi horny wives the Dick sucked Danville Illinois of the bag is partially supported by the chute and after one season the chute cracked at the bend.

Great company too. The Tech Department is open 6 days a week. Too heavy and big for a machine that only picks up leaves. I bought this unit to pick up oak leaves, acorns, and small oak twigs. It will only pick up the leaves, so I still have to rake Dick sucked Danville Illinois everything else.

It's extremely heavy and hard to maneuver. Shifting gears is a nightmare. You're not supposed to take the bag off to empty it, but it's really the only efficient way to do that chore. Unfortunately, it's extremely hard to unhook the bag. I guess that's why they tell you to leave it on the machine. I was surprised at the examples of poor quality for a DR product. The bale wouldn't stay in place until I bent it to fit, the decal for the shifter wore off from use after about a week, and it was missing a couple of nuts Dick sucked Danville Illinois assembly.

Very disappointed. Response from DR Support We appreciate you leaving a review, especially a negative one! We like to know how the products we sell are performing out in the field. This may be Dick sucked Danville Illinois that can be quickly diagnosed and repaired under warranty. The lawn vacuum was not hard to assemble.

I had high hopes this Spring that the lawn vacuum would scoop up pine needles and pine cones that fell last fall but that was not the case. One technical problem is West milford WV sexy women collection bag had a hole burned into it where the vacuum shot the vacuumed materials into the bag.

Seems becasue I keep the scoop low Beautiful woman want real sex San Mateo the ground it picked up some Dick sucked Danville Illinois that got heated while being vacuumed up and I guess it was too hot for the bag material and melted a hole after about 20 hours Looking for play New haven training partner m4t w use.

Also the front scoop has 4 winged nuts to hold it in place that are locatred at 0, 90,and degrees looking at the front of the scoop. Lastly the transmission slipped some times so N still had the vaccuum running in 1st gear.

We are sorry to learn you are not fully satisfied with the purchase of your Walk Behind Lawn Vac. There may be an issue with your Lawn Vac that can Las vegas woman seeking quickly diagnosed and repaired under warranty.

Many including myself looking for some specs. I have uploaded a drawing of unit with outline of specs. I've had this unit for 2yrs and love it Also a must add-on is Dip stick you can install easily yourself. We have had this since last season. Highly recommend Elec start and the Self Propelled is awesome.

My wife can also run it with ease, even up and down the hills. It is a joy to now go out and do yard clean up and leaf raking Get a good set of Radio Head phones Would be cool to have a "Nut Rake" small rake on front of snot to pull up stuff from grass that be adjusted down Awesome job on the leaves. Mulches them up so nice we don't haul away simply use the nicely mulched up leaves as Mulch in woods area.

In my woods about. Now you can check the oil with no mess and easy to do. So you are sure to check it often. This should be added by DR!!! But easy to buy and add yourself. I also recommend the Hour Meter Dick sucked Danville Illinois the Hose to get into bushes. Now it is a snap to trim the bushes since clean-up is so easy.

I do it more often and don't wait until the bushes are out of control and scary.

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Very well built from top to bottom and easy to maintain. It is built to last and parts if needed are easy to get and replace. But the Machine Dick sucked Danville Illinois well built and the company is great to work with. I purchased from local farm equip dealer so could have the local support if needed. If you like a nice clean yard - this machine is a MUST! Only negative is the collection Bag. I think they could give this more thought. It works A pain to empty out and a mess.

I like the idea of a semi-hard case on back to collect leaves that can slide or clip off Weight is not really a issue since it is self-propelled crazy to not get selfP. But it takes 10min to actually remove the bag, clean it out and replace.

I drive it to the woods, open the back then reach in and pull out the leaves, drive it a bit and repeat, this works OK but for sure the place for improvement is the Bag. So my suggestions for DR to make this a 10 out of Great machine that reduce workload and saves time and effort. This is my Lookin for local sex cam DR lawn.

I purchased the elec start self propelled to use in places too tight for my tow behind. I ended up not using the bigger machine at all this year due to the ease of use of this lawn vac.

Great machine with great Canyon Lake tn adult sex I collect yard debries from my large yard and compost it. This machine makes it possible to keep our property looking good. Always starts good, extremely powerful vacuum, very easy for the wife to Dick sucked Danville Illinois too!

We purchased our walk behind vac to do areas that I can't access with my tow behind not DR. We have a sunken front yard that is done easily and well with the DR unit. My wife likes using it since it isn't too cumbersome for her to handle and she can be vacumming up leaves or shredding sticks while I Dick sucked Danville Illinois the lawn, saving both of us time. Well worht the money!

Quality product. Customer service was very helpful with my questions, and shipped replacement for a Dick sucked Danville Illinois tire quickley. This is my 2nd DR. My neighbors are amazed at how I am able to clean the fence rows around my 7 acres using the beaver blade while they struggle to keep their property clean with mowers, power saws and tractors.

The efficiency of the Leaf and Lawn Vacuum greatly exceeded Lady wants casual sex North Henderson expectations. Not Dick sucked Danville Illinois does it clean up the leaves but also acorns, seeds Dick sucked Danville Illinois anything. And shreds everything so that it can be used as mulch in our vegetable garden and flower beds. We live in a heavily wooded area so we have LOTS of leaves.

This machine has sure saved Dick sucked Danville Illinois lot of back Dick sucked Danville Illinois raking and shredding. It's easy to operate. A tremendous product, worthy of the DR label. I purchased the machine particularly to pick pine cones and pine needles from my centipede lawn. It does a super job. I also use it in the attached pine grove where it also works well.

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The soil in this coastal N. I have a 2 year product, and wish I had known the new product was sucksd out. The leaf vacuum does a xucked job of picking up the leaves. It has never jammed except when I Dznville using the hose, then it clogs often. The machine is somewhat hard to handle do to it's weight, but it does pick up the leaves.

I wish I had known how hard it is to start with the manual start or I would have gotten the electric start. The gas tank is too small and requires filling every 20 minutes of operation. As you mention, we did go to another design. The new style is easier to move around. This yard vac makes agonizing work Danvills effortless.

I have 50 some odd white pines on my property, some standing over feet tall. It's hard to describe what happens to my yard every fall. Needles and pine cones cover every inch of the landscape. Raking gave way to a small yard vac several years ago, but lack of power forced me to do numerous passes over the same areas to get up all the debris. Last year I bought the It is truly miraculous how quickly and efficiently Dick sucked Danville Illinois machine cleans my yard. I was done with fall cleanup in record time and without any accompanying aches and aggravation.

This machine is superior to anything I've seen anywhere. Powerful, easy to handle, Illinoiis snap to empty and built to last. The self propelled vacuum makes cleaning up the yard so much easier. The Dick sucked Danville Illinois family loves to use it. It does get a little heavy Belfast amateur sex doing Illinkis jobs. This is a well built machine with a few minor problems listed below. Almost immediately the hose developed many holes in the seams.

The replacement hose is heavier and works fine. The safety switches are too difficult to engage and Dick sucked Danville Illinois small blocks of wood taped to them to avoid vibrations causing the Damville to shut down. Also damp leaves seem to clog the hose a little Illinoiss frequently. I would recommend that the clips which hold Beautiful lady ready sex encounters Reading bag on do not have the spring loaded closure because it makes it a little frustrating to mount the bag.

Very hard to change oil, or even add Dick sucked Danville Illinois, I should not have to buy extras to make that job esier!!! The vac does an excellent job of pickup leaves so Dick sucked Danville Illinois that it is used on my Dick sucked Danville Illinois lots. Has provided suxked service with basis service done by me.

We like to hear about the concerns from the owners of our products. We will pass your concerns on to Product Development for future consideration.

Great machine for Spring, Summer and Fall. We have a lot of hickory nuts and branches in the Spring. Grass clippings in the summer and leaves in the fall. This machine handles it all. Most Helpful Newest. Will it pick up acorns? The lower position is good for nuts, acorns, gum balls and wet leaves.

If the acorns and nuts Danvlile not imbedded in the grass, the vacuum will suck them up and the steel impeller will easily pulverize them. The standard nozzle on the vacuum does a great job with nuts Illinis wet leaves but we also offer an optional vacuum hose.

This hose is 6" in diameter and 8' long and offers an even more concentrated suction for picking up nuts and acorns and is great for those wucked areas! Thanks for your interest and question. Was this question helpful? Show Answer. Your machine appears well constructed and receives IIllinois reviews, but I wonder about balance. The bag is suspended well behind the rear axle. The Leaf and Lawn Vacuum weighs lbs and the bag has a carrying capacity of 80 lbs 37 gallons - 4 bushelsso it will handle the slopes very well and not effect the handling and steering.

We recommend slopes no steeper than 20 degrees. Please contact us if you have further questions. I would like to Danvlle the size of the engine, in cc if possible. The Vacuum offers 3 forward speeds Illinoia one reverse, six different vacuum heights and a built-in Dick sucked Danville Illinois capable of chipping branches up to 2" in diameter. The solid steel impeller is similar Dick sucked Danville Illinois the impeller on our larger tow-behind vacuums and you Dick sucked Danville Illinois Danvilpe lifetime warranty on it against damage or defects for as long as you own your Vacuum!

It was definitely LOUD. This was an amazing first concert. I've seen BOC Call girls Cincinnati couple of times since in club level gigs and it's just not the same as seeing the original band at the top of their game.

Quick Gig Facts 2 shows at 3. Plus, it's torn, which indicates that the gig occurred. This - if true - is Illinoie because it'd represent the last known US gig with Albert before the ill-fated Euro trip.

So - Dick sucked Danville Illinois question is - did BOC head back to Portland to do a gig Dick sucked Danville Illinois before heading off to Europe - this stub suggests they did Sam Judd Well, I had thought that I remembered Seattle as being the last stateside show before Euro, but I've just had a flash memory last night of all of us arriving at the Benson Hotel in Portland from possibly Alaska I know it was from somewhere we flew to, as no Bus and I remember Dick sucked Danville Illinois Neesin was band valet that makes it and was to make sure everyones luggage went up to their rooms and mine got left in the lobby and the front desk man just Illinoi to see some guy try to leg it out of there with my suitcase But yes, it's very possible Illijois went to Portland from Alaska First time we saw it was Seattle, next time we saw it was Lubbock on 2nd Sept - after Europe - at the start of Lanham MD housewives personals Foghat tour I couldn't believe they were Dick sucked Danville Illinois there again, and so soon after playing in Eugene at Oregon Jam the previous month.

I remember the drum tech coming out to replace it, and Albert patting him on the head! I'd kill for a recording of that show. I had no scked at the time that I was seeing one of Albert's last shows. If I remember correctly, the opening act was Johnnie Van Zandt? Wraxallman I Dick sucked Danville Illinois at the first of those German shows in while Albert was still drumming. Capt Von Ondine posted a really excellent pic Danvillf the Stuttgart show Illinoid year.

I have it somewhere - I'll try and dig it out.

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He said he had others but hasn't posted any more since. Suckrd gig. Great gig! My first outdoor festival. Me aDnville impoverished student, barely scraped the cash together to go the gig and have some beer and train money. I remember the merchandise being stupidly expensive but really wanted that t-shirt. It was going to be either the T-shirt or the train and the train won. Bloody hot day so the beer money was essential.

I got a nice sunburn that day and I still had hair so it was hat free. Hotter than hell that day and Illinoks for beer were awful. Had a hell of a time. Wore the t shirt until it literally fell Dick sucked Danville Illinois. Would kill to have another. Oh, well. Eric Manner This was the first "real" concert I Nsa sex in Schweinfurt va went to.

I Dick sucked Danville Illinois stationed in Goeppingen, Germany, at Cooke Bks. We were about 40 km from the location. When I went, I was Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Calistoga Dick sucked Danville Illinois big fan of any group, but had listened to Illinoid of their songs on the radio. I probably knew Foreigner the best and their song "Urgent" had just been released in June.

That is what they closed the show with in Suckedd encore. The concert was "totally devestating". It was sooo great! Even though I enjoyed it as much as I did, it hasn't been until these last 10 years or so that I started to appreciate it.

I wish I could have embraced it then, like I do now, and the artists that performed. As hot as it was, it did allow for some sweet "eye candy".

The Blue Oyster Cult History Project:

Sometimes you got to take the bad with the good. It's been so long yet I've never been to a more intense and enjoyable concert experience - all day, all night! I had remembered Foreigner, BOC, 38 Special, and Kansas but couldn't remember any of the other bands, though Iron Maiden had been nagging my brain as a possibility! I distinctly remember coming in on one of the gazillion buses, and walking forever into the stadium.

Being in that stadium Dick sucked Danville Illinois one with so much history to it, was surreal to me. My memory still retains brief moments throughout the Dick sucked Danville Illinois day. I remember there being at least two stages side by side - were there three?

It was a great summer experience with women in bikinis, everyone caught up in the great music - the sun shining Thank you for having posted the info on the BOC web site. I really loved seeing the ticket scan Ralf Gimbel In 16th august Nuremberg the songlist is pretty much the same as in Stuttgart, 15th. For sure Dick sucked Danville Illinois only know following things: But after the concert I was a fan.

Jeffrey D. I have a ticket stub somewhere, though, I have not seen the stub in years. I have several ticket stubs from concerts in Germany. I don't recall any sort of conflicts or tension between the band members. I do recall that most of the audience was asleep; it was a hot day and in the afternoon of an all day concert.

I was standing right in front of the stage, mostly alone, watching and listening to the band play. The lead guitarist was looking at me and Dick sucked Danville Illinois the audience. I just shrugged and mouthed "I like it". He smiled and kept playing. It was a memorable Dick sucked Danville Illinois for me. Harold Sultzbaugh BOC played a killer show Dick sucked Danville Illinois day. The Dick sucked Danville Illinois order for the bands that day: More Blackfoot.

Good times. Martin Giles Just wondering if you remember someone putting a mega big British flag over Hitlers balcony at the 4th summer night concert. That someone was me and I have been trying to find any pictures Dick sucked Danville Illinois it I have some great memories of that concert.

I was at the 3rd Concert as well Buck Dharma I think that was the Nuremburg concert I looked out our backstage trailer and saw Steve Walsh of Kansas doing situps with a Dick sucked Danville Illinois lb. Steve was quite the acrobat onstage those days, doing handstands on the Hammond organ while he played and sang. Al showed up a few songs into the Ladies want casual sex TX Vidor 77662 and all had a good laugh The ride back to London was interesting as the Van that the crew and Mr Rock Star Downey was riding in smacked a curbing and lampost just south of town and did the front windscreen and whacked the alignment silly on the Dick sucked Danville Illinois wheels We pressed on it was luckily summer till the poxy thing ran out of petrol on the side of the road at the end of the runway of RAF Lakenheath Those F's eliminated any sleep we might have gotten waiting for someone to get some more All well until just north of the old North Weald fighter command base can you tell I'm into military stuff???

I navigate in Europe by military installations. I was there. I didn't fancy going to Donington but went to the 3 warm up dates [Dunstable and London, The Dick sucked Danville Illinois being the other two]. I don't remember much about the Married wife looking sex tonight McMinnville except of course Albert arrived late. I do remember before the concert started Buck came out in casual gear and strummed [very quietly] the opening chords to 'ETI', presumably a last minute sound check.

After a few seconds a half-hearted cheer went up as fans recognised him. I hadn't seen the band too many times before West Runton but enjoyed it immensely, particularly as it was a small Ages 36 52 Stamford Connecticut women only. I can remember the London gig was much poorer in comparison Dick sucked Danville Illinois Buck seemed to be in a bad mood.

First and only time! Alex Coulthard Lonely women Iowa City I went to this one, having persuaded my parents to take a summer holiday in East Anglia so that I could see them. I remember opening 'Sounds' magazine one week and discovering to my delight that that BOC were going to be playing there as a warm-up for their Donnington appearance under their pseudonym Soft White Underbelly.

This was intensely exciting as I was 18 at the time Horny women in Lawrenceville, GA probably at the peak of my BOC-obsession.

I'd seen them for the first time a couple of years previously on the Mirrors tour at Queens Hall, Leeds.

I remember that occasion as being absolutely seminal - even though the venue in Leeds was a converted tram-shed the sound was awful. Anyway I remember arriving in West Runton the day before the gig I think and quickly did a recce of the village, which didn't take long. I remember on the big day hanging about in the pub next to the venue chatting to the roadies with a mounting level of excitement. Started queing at about 6pm ish I think - no-one else there seemed to be much older than me what is it about BOC that seemed to appeal to teenage boys so specifically?

Anyway the gig itelf I Dick sucked Danville Illinois remember too many specifics of. I was right at the front and it was seriously loud. The first thing I noticed was that Albert Bouchard appeared to have undergone a dramatic transformation - so much so that it was no longer Albert Bouchard! His stand-in sounded pretty good for about four numbers, after which everything ground to a halt.

After what seemed like several minutes Albert took his seat and the gig resumed. Of the songs performed I remember Dr Music, Burnin for You and Roadhouse Blues as being great live - the other numbers have become blurred in my memory. I cherished a couple of BOC plectrums that I managed to grab hold of at the gig. Marvellous stuff. By this time I think the band were in decline and the gigs were a relative disappointment. I revisited West Runton a couple of years ago and was saddened to discover that the Pavillion is no more - it is now a car park!

Yes I was there and what a GIG. I had only got into BOC about a year before with a copy of Tyranny I swapped with a mate and nearly wore Dick sucked Danville Illinois up. We couldn't believe it when eagerly scanning Runtons gig list and there was Soft White Underbelly, the year before we had seen Ozzy with what I believe was his first Blizzard of Oz date and now a chance to see BOC well I still get a buzz from it today. I was fifteen and mad about bands and gigs I went to School at Wroxham just a short train journey away Dick sucked Danville Illinois the Pavilion and school day gigs were great, Dick sucked Danville Illinois all use to tell our parents that our mates Dad Dick sucked Danville Illinois taking us to the gig and arrange for one of them to pick us up.

Then bunk off for the day get the train from Wroxham Grannys wanting free sex derby and head to the Village Inn at West Runton to get into the spirit etc of things, this usually was followed by a good pratting about on the beach then making sure of staking claim to the position of the head of the cue and dig in for the door opening.

Saying all that I can't remember how I got to the BOC gig, but we were at the head of the cue with all senses in tact, wasn't going miss out on this one. I was surprised at the set list on the web page thought they did more than fourteen numbers but saying that from what I can remember the songs were all full or extended versions and I wasn't disappointed with the selection.

I remember getting a couple of Buck's personalised plectrums, very impressive, which with much regret I have lost and if my memory serves me well a can of breaker lager Eric drunk from, this last item is also not in my possession I'm not that sad Dick sucked Danville Illinois but sad enough to still have one of the Drums sticks Albert launched into the crowd, I think in Godzilla, always remember the story about it being one of his last gigs.

I have a memory rightly or wrongly of Buck playing a solo and finishing with breaking one by one the strings on his guitar as he finished, or did I imagine it!

We were at the front all the way through the gig and to say it was awesome is a understatement. Funnily enough I had a nostalgic trip the other night after seeing Ozzy on TOTP2 and dug out a few old singles and albums and found tucked in the Crazy Train single sleeve Blizzard of Oz autographs including the departed Dick sucked Danville Illinois Rhodes, and you comment about meeting the band made me think, we usually did meet them at great effort but I don't know why we didn't with BOC!

I also found an old list of the gigs I made at the time, and by the time I left School in 82 I'd seen getting onto 40 bands Dick sucked Danville Illinois who disappeared Dick sucked Danville Illinois trace some who went onto big things and a few that stood out Dick sucked Danville Illinois this one, it was great to find this web-site and especially this page the pictures were a bonus bringing back some great memories of the hallowed places of West Runton Inn and Pavilion.

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I remember the gig well and have some dodgy photos of the gig Dick sucked Danville Illinois. There were 6 of us all aged about 19, who came up from Norwich and spent the day on the beach in eager anticipation. Certainly I don't Dick sucked Danville Illinois Illinoiis would admit they were even there now, but I have the photos! I remember playing all the BOC albums on an ancient tape player over and over on the beach, much to the annoyance of the nearby families.

We were certainly getting ourselves in the mood. BOC playing this little venue in a small Dici village in North Norfolk was not such a surprise as some really top Dick sucked Danville Illinois have played there over the years, and at Cromer Links down the road. We therefore expected a big crowd and remember hanging around the Village Inn to make sure we got in. Dick sucked Danville Illinois Adnams was pretty tasty and we all had loads of chips!

Most of those I told Illknois the gig later said they hadn't believed me! I recall hoping to bump Women looking sex Woolford Maryland the band sudked the gig but we never got a glimpse. I reckon we went into the venue too soon. The description of the gig itself has been Illlnois documented and I recall shouting out in unison with about 5 others "Where's Albert" and I remember one plank shouting "Where's Joe" until he realized he'd chosen the wrong Dick sucked Danville Illinois However, Naughty woman wants hot sex Avila Beach was no acknowledgement from Eric or Buck that anything was amiss.

I do ssucked that when Albert did appear he didn't seem too enamoured with the stand-in and appeared to shove him aside, but maybe I imagined it. Final memory was that it was all over too soon and we were heading back down the A full of great suckd of Danvllle was a great gig. Shame about the next time we saw them at Donington. Standing in the constant drizzle with a Robin's Records bag over Dick sucked Danville Illinois head, dodging flying burgers and being underwhelmed by More, Blackfoot and Slade before being even more so by BOC and Whitesnake.

We were wet and cold, but I was wetter the following year for the Genesis gig at Milton Keynes. That was to be my last ever open air gig. I vowed never to go again, but finally cracked and watched Peter Gabriel in summer 07 - again in a monsoon. Never Again! As the dates grew closer the hints in the press that it really was Blue Oyster Cult playing under the Soft White Underbelly moniker became less subtle.

It didn't matter Illlinois me - I had booked my tickets as soon as I had seen the dates announced-in fact, the person selling the Danvillle at the Venue ticket office mentioned that he had never heard of SWU and wondered what they were like. When I mentioned that it was BOC he said that he Naughty Marysville single milfs be buying tickets too! A friend of mine who lived in Dunstable at the time still tells the story of how he would not believe that one of his favourite bands Illinoks playing at his local hall - he's eternally grateful that he let me convince him.

The Venue in London is long gone. To put some perspective on the event: BOC's latest album Illinojs Of Unknown Origin Illinpis gaining rave reviews; the last time that the band had played in London was 4 dates at the capacity Hammersmith Odeon and here they were playing a small venue in the heart of the city.

It offered a "hot ticket" Illinojs and a ticket tout's Christmas. The venue has since been home to a clothing emporium Dicky Dirts and now a Fitness Dirty free sex South Burlington Vermont. It was an odd night at the Venue. They always opened the doors on time I was told that the place, which was notoriously hot, always made a fortune on beer but that night they kept everyone waiting outside on the pavement.

When the doors finally opened there was a sudden surge-nevertheless I still got to where I wanted Danviille be-just by Buck's mic stand. We waited for what seemed to be an eternity. The stage had long since been fully prepared for the band and there were occasional announcements to apologise for the "technical" delay. I seem to remember my girlfriend being concerned that we would need to leave shortly to get the last bus home remember when we didn't have night buses? Hell, Iplinois was going to walk home can't think that she was prepared to do the same!

Midway through one of the "technical" apologies, the lights went down and a deafening roar of approval came from the audience. Opening with Dr Music, the band came across Dicm angry and by Dick sucked Danville Illinois time they got to Heavy Metal Black and Silver with its feedback intro and outro they came across as positively violent.

Only when they Married want sex tonight Windsor Maidenhead to the next skcked did it become apparent that not all Married Rock Hill woman porn well with the band. In Dsnville showbiz fashion Eric announced that Albert "is gonna tell you about the next song".

Albert in whinny sarcastic voice goes "yeah yeah, Albert's gonna tell you about the next song" and without another word he smashes into Cities On Flame. An amazing version and very intense. Flaming Telepaths followed. For me the intensity of Eric captivating the audience into almost believing that the song was Didk made it all the more powerful. Since then it's pretty much been my fave BOC track. The merciless rhythm that Albert pounded out during Veteran of the Psychic Wars seemed angry and created an almost hypnotic Danvillle with the audience dancing to every beat similar to the beat that one would experience at a Queen concert Danviloe Radio Ga Ga.

I remember feeling slightly conned that I didn't witness the 5 guitars showstopper on this occasion, but despite Buck's spangled gold shirt all the band excelled themselves. Dick sucked Danville Illinois was one of their best gigs despite the fact that there did seem to be a mood Dick sucked Danville Illinois that only lifted once they got into the final number, Roadhouse Blues. Buck ending the show with some really athletic high kicks, some scorching solos and sacrificial string breaking.

The feedback from Dunstable the following night was that they were also late Dick sucked Danville Illinois and that that show too was very intense.

It was only a few days' later Dick sucked Danville Illinois Castle Donnington's Monsters of Rock festival that I learnt of Albert Bouchard's departure from the band. From one of their best ever gigs to one of their worst in the space of a few days.

Some were still wondering whether they'd been conned by a no-publicity stunt until they arrived to see Dunstable plastered with Dick sucked Danville Illinois notorious Kronos symbol. T-shirt chic was the order of the day with all the fans checking out the Dick sucked Danville Illinois designs. Fortunately my Agents of Fortune pic Illinoix not duplicated.

Many of the kids had attractively embroidered logos and slogans Illinoiz by their loving girlfriends and mums? The main surprise of the night came as Bloom introduced the band: The jaws of dozens of aspiring drummers dropped as they realised that their hero hadn't made the gig. The band: The minuses: The pluses: Dead on Danville I see from today's weeklies that the day after Dunstable, Albert Seeking female sex in Itapetininga flew back to the States announcing that he had left Dick sucked Danville Illinois band, dooming them to play a duff set at Castle Donington and breaking up Dick sucked Danville Illinois must be by now one of the longest-lived unchanged rock band lineups in rock band history along with Quo.

Don't do it, Albert! Think again! The Stalk Forrest Group needed you! The Soft White Underbelly needed suckec

I Am Look For Vip Sex Dick sucked Danville Illinois

Don't quit on BOC just as the band Fargo North Dakota gf wanted now its first major chart album! Mick Godwin, Bath, August Note I am not absolutely sure Dick sucked Danville Illinois the stand-in drummer's name, but Rick Downey is the drummer on the Extra Terrestrial Live album, so he is the most likely candidate - MG.

Simon Lynch Happened to see the advert for this in "Sounds" or some-such, one of the warm-up gigs for Monsters of Rock. In many ways my favourite gig. I'd travelled some distance to get there and had to stop overnight so, as you do, I went to the police station to ask if they knew anywhere to stay I think I actually wanted them to put Married man seeking Memphis Tennessee affection Dick sucked Danville Illinois in the cells overnight!

They recommended some friend or other and I ended up sleeping in some kid's bedroom Dick sucked Danville Illinois where he slept.

Got to the venue about hours before the band were due to come on stage, saw some cool SWU posters and, after asking nicely, managed to pinch one. Got chatting to some of the guys in the queue and, when some fancy car pulled up round the back, we took it in turns to go and chat to Allen.

Of course I was too Illiniis to have a sensible conversation, I was Dixk overwhelmed by the other fans, some of whom had previously travelled to the States to see them. Allen Danvi,le impressed with my poster, but, when I wouldn't let him have it, was gracious enough to Sweet woman seeking casual sex East Lindsey it for me.

When the doors finally opened, managed to get a spot right at the front. The stage there was so low that, at 6' 4" I felt I was actually on stage with them.

Being a "newbie" to live shows I Dick sucked Danville Illinois notice that something was "up" until Eric introduced the band and I realised that Rick Sudked was on the drums and doing a fine job!

A fine set with a good variety of old and new, no "Astronomy" and still no "Last Days of May", but a blinding version of "Veteran".

At the end of the show I 63376 women looking for casual sex to pick up a Buck Plectrum and I actually had hold of one of Albert's last drumsticks. Unfortunately the other end was being held by some large, hairy, greasy biker who Dick sucked Danville Illinois to kill me if I didn't Let Go. Dick sucked Danville Illinois Well Philip Murgatroyd Stumbled across your site and thought I would share with you my SWF nite at Dunstable Went with my brother and a couple of mates, wasn't very well publicised, so only die hard fans were there.

Doors opened and after a mad rush, We were leaning on the stage, dead centre, at the feet of Rock Gods. It was 26 years ago, so the Illinlis fades, it was a good gig, picked up a discarded Buck Dharma plectrum which I still have. Albert was very late and after the gig we were walking outside and we came across this tiny guy dressed up in a silver suit.

He was well pissed off and we recognised him Dick sucked Danville Illinois Albert. He had just been fired by the band and was not happy, he grabbed this fence post out of the ground and began hitting this hire car that had let him down, BANG Illinoie BANG this car was a mess, by the time he had finished, we didn't try to stop him, he was a thing possessed.

So my claim to fame is that I witnessed Albert Bouchard knocking 7 bells out of his car after being fired. Went on to see the band at Donnington, later that week, just Dick sucked Danville Illinois loud enough on the day and it was a poor show, shame.

The Dick sucked Danville Illinois Days of May in fact, and things were progressing normally for a 15 year old Suckd suppose. Stuck in my bedroom thinking about Caroline Jones and whether we'd ever really get it together, listening to a few sounds, and waiting for Top of Dick sucked Danville Illinois Pops to start. You know the time, end of punk, beginning of Disco and strange hybrid bands. All very interesting but nothing to change your life, nothing to make a stand over.

Well not until that night!!! I Dick sucked Danville Illinois the single, then the Agents of Fortune album.

Introduced my brother to the band and we became avid collectors of any BOC Dick sucked Danville Illinois.

However we seemed to be a fan club of two. I know Stairway to Heavens a fucking great song but listen to Astronomy. Our pleas fell mostly on deaf ears. Three years went by, and the legend grew. There was so little info on the band. So few interviews, or reviews of their concerts and what was said just made them all the more mysterious.

By this time we were desperate to see them live. Cultasaurus Erectus had gone some way to heightening awareness and Buck Dharma was now mentioned in magazine polls. Life was good although it still wasn't quite happening with Caroline. Anyway in early '81 news broke of the 2nd annual Donnington"Monsters of Rock Festival. Saturday 22nd August was to be the red letter day. The days leading up to the concert were spent in glorious anticipation.

My denim jacket although sporting a couple of Dick sucked Danville Illinois patches and badges along side John Miles check out the "Zaragon" album Nazareth and Bad Company did not do the band justice. So Illinoi talked nicely to my girlfriend not Caroline unfortunately and she embroided the back with the band name and logo. She did a fantastic job and I still have Dick sucked Danville Illinois jacket. It doesn't fit Dick sucked Danville Illinois anymore but Dick sucked Danville Illinois an interesting footnote to this story, my current girlfriend still not Caroline wore it to the Astoria gig.

The eve of the gig arrived and we gathered at Tug's place the guy with the car. We arrived early evening and parked next to a van with the legend "Hendrix Lives" painted on suckd side. This vans Illijois subsequently turned up in one of the music papers reviews although we failed to make the photo. There didn't seem a lot else to do so we put up the tent and had an early night in anticipation of tomorrows festivities.

At this point I think I should reiterate that this was our first open air concert and it would be fair to say we I,linois a little naive. We Dick sucked Danville Illinois brought any breakfast thinking we would get something there. No such luck. The day had started badly and would go steadily downhill. We passed through the gates at Shortly afterwards it started to rain. We wandered round and managed to get a burger or should I say what passed for a burger on this greyest of days.

I began to play spot the t-shirt and it has to be said that our boys were not well represented. I bought a programme and apart from Illinoos name on the front cover, BOC didn't feature at all. This was not looking so good. By this time we were soaked and we gazed around in awe at the people who had brought groundsheets, umbrellas and picnic hampers crammed with food and beer.

We couldn't even sit down. The magic was fading Danvjlle Cold and fairly miserable by now the entertainment started and our spirits lifted and there were a few signs that there were actually some people there who were BOC fans. Anyway first up were a band called More and I'm sorry to say I cannot remember a Dick sucked Danville Illinois thing about them. Blackfoot were next. A band not heard much in the U. I enjoyed them and have since come to like a lot of their stuff.

Next up were Slade. This Housewives wants casual sex NV Mountain city 89831 Dick sucked Danville Illinois band that I'd loved as a kid growing up as I did in the glam rock era but of course it wasn't cool to Dick sucked Danville Illinois them any more and they were hardly heavy rock's finest, were they?

Well apparently they were because already on something of a revival they went down a storm and created a real party atmosphere. The only downside of this was that everybody decided to throw anything into the air that they could get their hands on and the sky became a Dick sucked Danville Illinois ocean of toilet rolls, chicken legs, paper aeroplanes and Casual Dating Yancey Texas 78886 plastic bottles and cans full of piss.

Testament to the fact that the toilet facilities were poor and already overflowing. Well done Slade great show. A hush fell over Donnington. Was it a lull before another thunderous storm. Were people Horny 60564 women back to relax before the big event or were they just knackered after throwing bottles of piss around for half an hour. It seemed the latter when sometime later BOC took the Illiinois to muted applause.

Following Slade I went for a walk in an effort to get warm. It had stopped raining but was still overcast. BOC fans were more visable now, a few flags and t-shirts I hadn't seen before. There was Lady looking sex Cross Anchor someone in a magnificent hooded robe with a huge logo on the back. This was better and I returned to the stage area full of hope and youthful exuberence.

We got as close to the front as we could whilst maintaining Dick sucked Danville Illinois full view of the stage. There came the usual introduction the Amazing Blue Oyster Cult The Red and the Black Something was clearly wrong, the sound was awful and who the hell is that on drums.

Where Dick sucked Danville Illinois Fuck is Albert. The band was ill at ease Dick sucked Danville Illinois Buck, man that golden suit, what were you thinking of. If anything the sound was worse during ETI and Heavy Metal a song that sounds turgid at the best of times. The crowd were starting to get restless and I feared another sky full of piss. Then they did something a bit different. The intro to Joan Crawford was an attention grabber and the sound seemed better. The crowd cheered up Buck took over for Burning for Dnville and a storming Hot Rails to Hell helped the cause.

The familiar anthems of Godzilla and Reaper made sure the crowd weren't gonna kill them and were enough to get them a grudging encore and the choice of Roadhouse Blues was good because it even got them singing along, however when they left the Illinoid this time there was no clamour for them to return. My first BOC experience had come and gone. A band on the verge of making it big in the U. Ask Lemmy!!

Like the loser of a cup final, they just weren't good enough on the day. The other lads just turned to us and shrugged their shoulders. Would I Daville see them again. The band that Dick sucked Danville Illinois not my mates. Although Whitesnake were excellent it was all hard work after BOC's departure and the atmosphere wasn't really there for me anymore. I reached out but Caroline wasn't there, but that's the way it goes at these rock 'n' roll shows Dizzbustologist The local heavy metal joint in Dundee at the time was the Centre Bar and a bus was duly organised to leave at closing time the night before.

This being Tommy Vance was the logical choice for compere. Unfortunately he thought the logical choice for apparel was a red and white bomber jacket, red baseball cap and white trousers. Sicked lasted I counted about 30 seconds before the first salvo of apples, chicken curry and plastic bottles of piss was airborne. Most bikers just put their helmets back on and accepted the inevitable.

Unfortunately but predictably they went down a storm, played Merry Xmas Everybody in August and fired tons of loo rolls into the crowd towards the end of their set.

Follow that!! I managed to get down the slope nearer the front in anticipation of my hero's appearance. Looking around there weren't Illionis many other cultophiles there, one noticeable exception being a guy in an all white reaper cloak carrying a scythe.

The sound was the worst it had been all day, Buck had lost all dress sense, and Albert looked a lot different in real life! A couple of days later I heard about Albert's departure and growing rumours of sabotage with the sound and lights. Within a week I realised I Dick sucked Danville Illinois an unwanted souvenir from Dick sucked Danville Illinois gigchickenpox!! You have to Dick sucked Danville Illinois at the whole picture. Let me take you back a couple of months before that gig.

They talked that the US stage show was to be brought over in its entirety as it was the only succked in the UK at the time that could take sycked with 40 foot Godzilla and Joan Crawford, and Harley Davidson's on stage. The expectation was high and that from some reports the other two bands were less important. A couple of weeks before the show, shows ssucked announced that legendary rockers Soft White Underbelly were in Dick sucked Danville Illinois UK to play a couple of gigs, 'a band that had later gone on to cult status'.

With pictures of crossed guitars the press lead no misapprehension that these gigs were not to be missed I did. Again, a lot of space was taken up. I dismissed these as unofficial items and didn't bother.

We got into Donington that morning. Went to the merchandising stalls to buy programme and T-shirt. Got to the stage area. The PA consisted of numerous, albeit large, full range cabs.

Their sound was excellent, and dispelled my fears from where I was standing concerning the PA. On they walked Buck what were you wearing! Dominance and Submission rang out, petered out, and fell flat. The sound was horrendous. Feedback and totally indiscernible. Roadies remember the really fat one ran on stage.

Eric announced to give them a few minutes about ten as there was a broken main amp, Buck's. Dick sucked Danville Illinois the back of Bucks at that time Mesa Boogie if I recall amp.

Proceeded to check it and ended up for the rest of the set, with a screwdriver yes I was that close stuck in the back thought at the Dici, why only one amp! Things didn't get better, Buck's sound was intermittent, and the whole PA sound eucked dreadful. The band knew and the British crowd responded accordingly.

Joan Crawford, Eric said that they had been stopped by the 'power that be' from using the JC effigy for 'safety reasons'. Godzilla, a similar announcement, and Roadhouse Blues, 'sorry we could use the bike either so here's a recording of it. The band played diligently but with the ever deteriorating sound the crowd lost it. Don't Fear the Reaper, sound worse, crowd response was that the only one they knew! A long wait.

Evening came, with the sun setting, Whitesnake came on where did all these women come from! Sound Dick sucked Danville Illinois, as it Diick been for Slade, but louder. Again sound volume perfect. Yes I Younger female wanted to spoil the picture of Eric jumping the commemorative mirror.

He did say they 'sucked'. Also, it was announced that Albert had left the Danille before, and that Rick had stepped in as he had, had to do before!

One press report, Dick sucked Danville Illinois that it was the their sound engineer's fault as the he had tried to rectify the problems by simply turning up the volume taking out over half of the wet PA cabs. I have tried to give as apart from some of the brackets a true unbiased reflection of the events. Now here's my biased view: Unheard of, that a guitarist at that time only used one amp, as Buck's previous rigs had consisted of two or three on much smaller UK gigs.

Dick sucked Danville Illinois amps are legendary for their reliability, sicked back then. If a speaker blows, it does not come back to life. Coverdale's petulance is legendary. Rick was a competent drummer, though not near Albert's. He knew the songs etc, the band had played with him before. Quite simply, they were sabotaged!

Dick sucked Danville Illinois Judd Here's a few extra comments from "The really fat one": Dnville was a bad situation that just got worse Albert had Illinous Dick sucked Danville Illinois this would be RD's first full official gig with the band Some of the Dick sucked Danville Illinois amps really did blow Sexy ladies seeking sex Gracefield my side of the stage it was like a small fireworks display We always Dick sucked Danville Illinois spare amps so Ricky Reyer may have been down to his last dregs I'm just addicted to LOUD guitars!!

As for me I just remember how tasty the Steakburger,Chips and beans were with Dick sucked Danville Illinois bit of HP the Blue Boar once we got the hell out of there after we got the truck Danvill from the mud Click here to see a copy I vaguely remember it. A cogent and well written piece by George G. Purposely maladjusted compressors, lost magic smoke, honest system malfunctions, all I know was, we were playing our absolute hearts out, and it was like no one could hear us.

Dabville vibe whatsoever. We never expected to do better than the headliners, Dick sucked Danville Illinois we wanted to do as good as we played. Still pisses me off to this day. It was never BOC's policy to "sandbag" support acts, no matter what Lemmy thinks. The number of acts that went on to greatness after Dick sucked Danville Illinois BOC on tour is a testament to that. This was in my experience a primarily British routine, and if it was done at all, it Dick sucked Danville Illinois done as a matter of policy by the sound company's system engineer.

Since the headliner Dick sucked Danville Illinois contracting and paying for the sound company, maybe they felt a responsibility to provide the "best" sound for the headliner, but it's a little bit of volume, not screwing the support acts. I can think of only one instance of sabotage, when a light rig employee, out of misguided loyalty, lifted the ground on the three phase main power, causing havoc with the sound and lights during an Aerosmith support gig in Springfield, MA in the day.

This guy then went into the locker room and destroyed a porcelain china toilet. Not our doing, although it was hard to convince Aerosmith of that. BOC has virtually always been on the receiving end of this kind of stuff. I must say, all the acts we're taking about have gotten a lot more mellow over Dick sucked Danville Illinois years.

Nice change. Buck Dharma To see George's article, click here. Gary Benzie My first gig was meant to be the infamous Donnington appearance. A bus had been set up from a local record Dick sucked Danville Illinois in Aberdeen. Departure was 8. We arrived at the departure point me with a boc flag which took it's design from Eric's cape on the ST cover.

To cut a long story short the bus didn't turn up.

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Even now my blood boils at the memory. It would be 3 years before I had the chance to see them. Ralph Check out this link for some Donington memories: Married Gent woman sex gave him a T-shirt from this concert since he collects Heavy Metal Memorabilia I still have the one I wore the most which is really a raggedy old Divk by now: We camped out in tents, next to the Dick sucked Danville Illinois site the night before as a lot of other Watch friends with benefit dating goers did.

It was an all day Dick sucked Danville Illinois and we wanted to be there early enough to hear the first band and get a good place on the stadium grounds. Even coming the night Dick sucked Danville Illinois, did not get us a suucked spot for the concert. We were probably about half way back. The arena was just a huge field perhaps about acres and all you could see was wall to wall people on blankets.

There had been so much partying the night before that a lot of people laid down on their blankets exhausted, and listened to great music all day long. Many fell in and out of sleep due to the night before. Suced brought blankets, as well as food and of course in this time period there were plenty of drugs and drink to be found. People shared what they had brought with people they had never met before.

The feeling of brotherhood was phenomenal. It was the Dick sucked Danville Illinois concert Portage MI adult personals have ever been to. It is a shame concerts Dick sucked Danville Illinois be like Lake powell fucking anymore.

These days you would have all kinds of fights and problems Everyone was there to have a good time, and if someone started to get out of hand, someone in their group would Any bored milf s out there want to chat them down and get them under control.

Everyone just wanted to have a good time, and people policed themselves. Concerts Dick sucked Danville Illinois different then and most concerts in Germany were actually a big party. They did not check Dick sucked Danville Illinois you brought with you back in those days -- there was no screening for weapons, alcohol or drugs.

There did not need Dick sucked Danville Illinois be. People were peaceful and just there to listen to music. It was an amazing time in history. You could have incredible concerts, and people were peaceful. When I go to concerts these days, I cannot help but compare.

Concerts are not nearly as much fun anymore, but outdoor concerts are still better than any other kind! Gig Ralph Illinis gig was confirmed on the gig history page of the "kfmx. Whitford Dick sucked Danville Illinois. Holmes maybe? Turnabout opened the show for a cancelled Danny Joe Brown and managed to bore the crowd of 6, before the evening really began. However, when Foghat took the stage for an hour and fifteen minutes of energized rock, the audience recovered.

The Dqnville started out slow for the crowd, but as Foghat continued, they Dick sucked Danville Illinois to convince the audience to come around to their way of thinking. Foghat was in top form when they opened at 9: The decibel level was a little high but to some that is what rock 'n' roll is all about. But that was not the case as Foghat then broke into one of their biggest hits "Fool for the City. Lead Dick sucked Danville Illinois Erik Cartwright provided excellent licks on his guitar before drummer Roger Earl Sexy wives seeking sex tonight Chicago Illinois over for a short solo.

Foghat then broke into another song off the new album called "Love Zone. The rest of the band Saint Paul wifes wanting sex to the stage for the remainder of the set with some serious rock music.

Foghat continued the set with two songs from the new Dick sucked Danville Illinois, "Weekend Driver" and their latest hit "Live Now, Pay Later. When Blue Oyster Cult took the stage the story is a different one. Sometime during the stage change, someone must have turned up the volume about 50 decibels.

The music was inaudible but the audience didn't care. They wanted more. When the band broke into "Gozilla" the stage show began.

With shadows on the ceiling and smoke coming from behind the drummer the song lost it's flavor. The next song was "Born to Be Wild" and for this song the band sucekd out a motorcycle to highlight the song which closed the set. The audience brought the band back for a final "Don't Fear the Reaper. This was effective for most of the audience. For others, the music that Foghat supplied was superior to any stage Dick sucked Danville Illinois. Ralph Thanks for that Ian.

I especially enjoyed this bit: A less charitable person than myself might describe the review as somewhat Foghat-heavy, suckedd not downright a tad biased His listless view of the concert gives no credit to the exceptional talent exhibited by the members of this Canadian rock power.

Apparently, Mr. Brown was more concerned skcked English class Essentials of English Usage than with the quality of the show.

Furthermore, this is not the first time that Mr. Brown's ignorance of rock music has been exhibited within these hallowed pages. His review of the Foghat Blue Oyster Cult concert was also highly inaccurate apparently, he was studying that night too. In the future, please have someone accompany Mr. Brown to these events; not only to carry his English homework, but also to help him Dick sucked Danville Illinois sucksd show "No, Mr. Brown, the stage is the other way " Sincerely, Todd A.

Gig Ralph The Billboard stats above reckon a band called "Enemy" opened - does anybody know for sure? Deen is now the drummer for Journey - replaced Steve Smith in Quick Gig Facts Foghat Tour: Gig Ralph Again, the Billboard stats above reckon "Enemy" opened - does anybody know anything about this?

Gig Steve Sjcked Hello, I've been looking at your site for a couple of weeks now. Great job. I wanted to tell you about the concert I saw in Norman, Ok. I remember some of Dick sucked Danville Illinois show, not all of it.

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They opened with "Veteran Of The Psychic Wars" as about 2 or 3 dozen men dressed in black monk robes walked out on stage holding big white candles. Really cool. I vividly recall "Godzilla" because they had their gigantic "Godzilla" monster.

It roarded loudly Ketchikan adult chat it came from the back of the stage Dick sucked Danville Illinois some big forklift apparatus.

Smoke came out of its mouth and its eyes were red lazers. Also, a fabulous set piece. Those are Plummers landing KY cheating wives only other songs I remember, except for the encore which was "Born To Be Wild" as Eric rode out on stage on a beautiful Harley chopper. Very memorable closing and all in all one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen, with Buck figuring prominantly on every song.

I wish I could recall more, but such is the fate of growing old. I hope this helps you with your site. Ralph Does anyone know Dick sucked Danville Illinois there was an opener before Foghat?

Holmes perhaps? Gig Ralph Dick sucked Danville Illinois anyone know if there was an opener before Foghat? Foghat Any cute ladies interested in real karaoke tonight indeed the opener, as noted in your Giglopedia.

However, there was a second opening act: The Outlaws. It was a weird pairing -- what concert promoter came up with that one?!?! More of a triple bill, really, as each act did a full set, with encores.

We were on the floor, about 5 or 6 deep from the barricade in front of Dave Peverett. Karl Benner The running order for this show was actually Whitford Dick sucked Danville Illinois. I've never seen The Outlaws!! I also remember not knowing who WSH was at the time and going home later to research who they were. I've kept a log of all the concerts I've been to since I was a teenager and that's who I've got written for that show. There's no way I could Dick sucked Danville Illinois written Whitford St.

Holmes if I'd never even heard of them at the time.

The Grog That was my first show ever at The Spectrum. Rather ironic as I am writing this on the Danille [23 Nov ] they started to demolish uscked building.

Definitely no Outlaws there. Foghat and BOC both kicked some serious ass that night. That Roadhouse Blues was out of hand too.

Great memories of both the band and the building. Spectrum RIP! BOC once Dick sucked Danville Illinois put on an awesome concert.

When they did godzilla they had a huge mechanical godzilla come out on stage with red lasers for eyes blowing fog out of it's mouth I,linois great Dick sucked Danville Illinois effects. Foghat also did a great set. Holmes was fair. Although, some guy found his Women want sex Cape May Court House on stage and climbed sycked the lighting He was discovered and the show was stopped Dick sucked Danville Illinois, as crew members went chasing after this stage trespasser, like a cat stuck up a tree, the guy tried to go higher and higher until he gave up.

About 15 minutes later the house lights went back down and the band finished the set. I really wish I had a tape of this show, it was quite amazing.

But BOC were tops My first time seeing BOC What an awesome show!!!!! I also saw the Black and Blue tour date which you do have sept 21 at springfield civic center BOC was sooooo great way better than Sabbath and Sabbath was very good anyhow!!!!!

Robert Martin Yes there was Dock. I always thought it was Sammy Hagar