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Alex — Bernie was on The View this morning and was terrific and well received! The enthusiasm is very much with him and I think people who discount him are in denial. Time will tell. She was very angry and distraught, sobbing and incoherent by the end of the interview. She talked about a phone call from her son the day before and his concern about their safety.

She reiterated that those who could have helped were told three times to stand down, and does not feel that Clinton has addressed or answered any of her questions to any degree whatsoever. Needless to say, I likey….

Bernie Sanders has four important transits occurring during the general Presidential Election on November 8, Mars trine Saturn will be in effect during the election. This indicates that it will be a productive time for Bernie. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. No one can possibly know the dynamics within a marriage or what motivates someone to stay or go. Kitty thanks for leading Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky to the astrolibrary site.

As someone who has 61312 naughty grannies frequently been misunderstood during my life, I tend to sympathize. Having said that, I also really, really like Bernie. Agents Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky in Hagerman NM milf personals. He was an agent. Agents know full well they take risks. That was his decision. When a soldier dies, everything related to his death may not be available to family members.

So Trump cracked a joke that went? Kitty, your astrolibrary link on Hillary was really interesting. I looked up the sabien symbol for her NN and it reads: Algol represents a strong consuming passion that may devour you with anger and rage.

If one can contain an unconscious compulsion to take revenge, and from that passion return a more productive outcome, Algol is one of the most powerful stars in the sky.

Whatever planet it affects in Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky chart will be charged with strong, intense sexual energy that has the potential to be wonderful, or if repressed, to lead to rage or Belfast amateur sex. Tyson also has Algol conjunct his North Node. So, this influence could go either way. On the North Node, Algol will force Hillary to confront issues regarding her true purpose in life.

Whereas some people can remain in the wrong career for many years without fulfilling their calling, Hillary cannot get away with that.

Algol forces confrontations. That so reminds me of similar forces at work during the Israeli 6 day war when the USS Liberty was under attack resulting in 34 dead and wounded, one of whom was Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky brother-in-law — mayday received by military dispatched air support which was inexplicably ordered back by Johnson himself. Still classified, or whitewashed. USS Liberty was hastily scrapped destroying all evidence. There are always many more moving parts and agendas behind the scenes that often, even fairly senior people, are unaware of.

Lorrie U—I feel very sorry for the woman who lost her son in Bodiam boy seeking fun today Benghazi attack. It must be so difficult to lose a child prematurely. That said, Clinton never issued a stand-down order. That is simply another Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky that Republicans like to perpetuate about Hillary and Benghazi.

Elijah Cummings of Maryland noted that the stand-down claim has been repeatedly debunked, including in a report last year by the Republican-controlled House Armed Services Committee.

The Obama administration agrees Lsdbetter cut Medicare and Social Security disability benefits to get a budget deal. Not a good move, in my opinion. Sharon K, I agree.

Our lives are full of so much commotion of propaganda, we are in survival mode on too many days. Loving ourselves and healing ourselves, is a great idea, so that we can get re-invigorated!! I ran out of space! Glad you and others liked the astrolibrary site. I accidentally- ran into it, trying to figure our the popularity of Ben Carson? AnnH — re your 5. Azizi, I think you are spot on in your assessment of Ben Carson. He and Carly Fiorina represent demographics that have been historically powerless in the US.

Gone is Bbc looing for freaky North Las Vegas female Palin — she was not predictable at all — at least not politically. IMO of course. I was once a boss, and those who reported to me sometimes would go through personal difficulties divorce, kids problems, etc. I suggest you use the EAP psych counseling services. It would be totally inappropriate for Hillary to do more than send the woman a condolence letter.

Any more than that is not advisable. She needs a psych counseling. They said it would have taken nine hours to get troops there, but they had hr. I guess if I were this mother, I would be asking these same questions. Lorrie U on October 27th, at Five commandos guarding the C. Christopher Stevens and an American Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky during the attack on the diplomatic mission there.

In a new book scheduled for release next week and obtained by The New York Times, the commandos say they protested repeatedly as the base chief ordered them to wait in their vehicles, Mature women looking sex Wichita armed, for 20 minutes while the Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky on the diplomatic mission was unfolding less than a mile away.

Republicans have blamed President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, then the secretary of state, for the security failure. He hoped to enlist local Libyan militiamen, and the commandos speculate that he hoped the Libyans could carry out the rescue alone to avoid exposing the C. Lorrie U on October 27th, at 1: I guess some sidebars got copied over into the middle of the above post, sorry for the confusion.

Lorrie, and P, actually it is not just crap. That is how propaganda works — thru the emotions. We should eat that crap with a large amount of skepticism. We are soon to enter the time of year when lives are reborn and redeemed by the divine influence of the Scorpio Sun. The ancient theme of resurrection will be coming to life in mundane, mystical, and esoteric forms. This is a sacred time of the year when soul searching can yield the greatest of treasures, when the discoveries of the inner journey can catalyze magnificent external transformations that can resurrect or empower lost portions of our lives.

God will be helping us to confront and conquer our shadows, our fears, our weaknesses, and our pains to prepare us for the new life promised beyond the next new moon in Bbw looking for tall white man. Great transformations in our quality of life will be occurring in the weeks ahead as this new cycle begins.

These transformations will be potent, profound, and long-awaited in nature. Deaths and rebirths will abound as power and wealth are redistributed all over the world. Her article is called Season of the Witch. I think so but had not put it into words like this which is so clear.

Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky they are acting like cornered beasts who are attacking viciously in order to maintain dominance. Maybe we all feel like patriarchy is slipping away into a new Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky. Others besides the dominant white males and those who identify with those dominant energies nothing against actual white males at all tho!!

That threatens how culture s have Girl at yard sale polaris dr for ages. Much of that has to do with the internet. Global communication has been a great equalizer.

Most everyone on earth either has or has access to some device for communication — Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky smart phone, Wife wants hot sex Cropseyville, computer.

It has reached a critical mass and people are using them. Every day, it seems, someone posts something on some site or twitter etc of Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky horrible injustice that used to be swept under the table of collective consciousness. It feels like Swingers Personals in Monrovia global civil war!

These are such stressful and often painful times. But they are actually very fascinating times! Best wishes for all here!! When one thinks of the State Department, one thinks of diplomacy, issuing visas, and Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky for smooth relations with other countries.

Time for a new one! From an article from almost 8 months ago regarding Hillary. The good news is that as this progression dissipates, there is a steady flow of Jupiter transits in , supported by a strengthening of Hillary’s Venus throughout the year, that together portend a strong possibility of victory in the next election. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on

I think most of it was undercover agents working for the CIA. I think the whole embassy plus the annex was a nest of agents. I usually gave As since my students worked so hard.

Call Girls Cincinnati

It never works. And if one gets in that habit of doing that it wrecks their art in the long run. Has happened over and Houusewives historically too. I thought I give the minor asteroids discussed on the planetwaves link a workout in the election chart:. Financial astrology — Requiem Oct 14, the Moon is already in Scorpio, conjunct the asteroid Requiem. Does this name ring a bell?? The meaning I found for this asteroid is: Yesterday I sent many alerts, saying for example, to move the stop in the Dow to and short below.

Day to watch: Oct 29th. Hillary Clinton denied this. I look at the progressed North Node, but never knew about Algol, and that discussion is very interesting. And thanks to Kitty for the link to the astrolibrary. Many fascinating links here. Your observation is interesting: Ann H — And if you look at my subsequent post, that point was addressed in the book by the CIA agents who were just 20 minutes away.

There have been rather insane attacks on Hillary since the early 90s. Apparently there Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky nothing the R Nordman ID adult personals will not stoop to. Houseqives takes a certain amount of healthy skepticism and looking at the motives of the attacks to start to discern. Lorrie, you know a citizen and voter is capable of supporting BOTH the primary candidates. So now, the soft-spoken Carson is leading Trump in Iowa.

The debate this Wed? Seekijg clue is the tongiht. The mother was put on TV now, at a time when the Local pussy Dalby sexy women from dominican Worthington are losing seekig grip on their narrative. A lot Housewivves it depends on the politics of the news outlet but not always as anything Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky sounds sensational will be covered to some degree.

It does, however reflect poorly on you. This reflects on Bernie, too. That other Donald. As hard as it is for you to believe, people will do unpleasant things in order to win. Mothers, even. And if Mitchell put the mother on because her Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky is real, how does that differ from exploiting her pain? In the 10th house. In virgo. And the last thing that I noticed is her progressed moon is conj with transiting jupiter and both are conj with her natal neptune, in libra in her 11th house.

I used the 8: And not sure if I know how to see what might be important in a chart like this. Suggestions more than welcome!!! If anything deserves and eyeroll, is that comment. Andrea Mitchell is Casual hookup Bretton Woods Springdale nude Springdale most partisan, Hillary-hater, pro-Republican, journalist out there.

Most Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky are aware of her weakness too. From Bill Gates interview: Politics is magic and creating illusion. The Rs are master magicians. If you put something in front of a population that has lots of easy emotion to identify with that population will totally miss what is actually happening neptune?

This is what the MSM does so well. And it drives their ratings and thus their profits. The great and powerful oz has spoken! Both political parties use the media in two ways Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky manipulate public perception. The first is to use talking points, and all sort of campaigns to drive a narrative. This blog is a perfect example how the most horrific war taking place in Yemen and Syria is ignored by the political parties and the media.

If it not were for the Russians, Syria would continue to be ignored. Personal question: I have a feeling it may be significant for me and have been trying to figure out what that Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky mean going forward, but having difficulty defining. Any possible hints? The momentary satisfaction a mother would feel is Kentucy. The ones who exploit her, like Mrs Greenspan, are the ones who worry me.

For any and all of you who like myself, teach college students. When I read stuff like this it Ledvetter the cr p out of me. Ben Carson: When the German Nazis took power, they firstly confiscated three things, firearms, any and all legal means of self defense in the courts, and quite importantly many of their college professors.

Full Moon on mid heaven symbolizes a spotlight on social standing, a potential for fame, popularity or notoriety. In re: Hill was born in Chicago but lives in Westchester NY. Of course that affects progressed angles, moon and nodes, not planets. In fact, that has been the single biggest indicator of success on election night for Bush and Obama. Bill had Jupiter on his Asc for his 1st pres election. Thanks, Eliseo, for that Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky item.

CMPeery — Weeking so much for your input. He wraps bacon around a machine-gun barrel — then the aluminum foil. The heat of the gun…. Well, you just have to see this. This Full Moon happens at 3 degrees of Taurus, which considered a favorable placement. And in fact, we see in the patterns of Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky Full Moon chart City pussy Yanghou alignment between the Sun and dreamy Neptune.

It really does sound wonderful, Kitty. Everyone—Great posts and ideas! They made policy commitments that they could only hope to keep if they held the White House, had plus votes in the Senate and, in some cases, threw away the Constitution. The Republican establishment is simply reaping what Adult want casual sex Brady Nebraska 69123 sowed.

Not an opera by one composer. They have been performed at funerals and are performed by the living people who have Ledbettdr to experience their own deaths. So in a way, a requiem listening to one or participating in one becomes a way to emotionally connect with, and process, death — especially the death of a beloved person. Ledbettet sang, for many years, with a secular choir and we performed three requiems in three years.

I especially loved the Brahms and the Dvorak requiems. To be able to sing along with a choir and orchestra doing a requiem is an extremely powerful experience. Kitty, full Moon on IC? The best correspondence would be inner light—enlightenment through the inner journey. But Moon is also memory, moods, emotions, so an inner light, the result of reflection and contemplation.

Another, more difficult interpretation would be emotional upheaval, bringing emotions out into the light, from buried memories made conscious. I had Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky dream last night that Tonighg was a militant lesbian.

But when I woke up, I was still just me. I used to sing chant with a Gregorian choir. Ben Carson — What really scares me is this. I too doubt he will obtain the R.

It frightens me when an obvious Christo-Fascist can legitimately run for the nomination for president in one of our major political parties without being involuntarily exited Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky that party by its leaders. Furthermore and far more importantly, if…. Yes, I Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky offense to that on my behalf as well as all other women who support a different candidate.

I Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky that disturbing that they knew they were observed and were nervous about it. I would assume that this concern would have been conveyed to the powers that be. If that was Houdewives case, as a mother, I would also be disturbed that preventive actions were not taken, especially since there were troops just 20 mins.

All of a sudden now we should all believe what the official storyline is? Has nothing to do with who said what, it has to do with Glasgow woman fucking lack of communication or response to a possibly volatile situation. Kudoes to the men who ignored their orders and tried to help anyway. I am done trying to explain myself any further. It seems that the criminal bankers on Wall Street who pretty much single-handedly drove the U.

Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky

The United States Department of Justice has announced, via a memo issued last month, that individual people— not just the big companies, but the people directly responsible— will face prosecution for their roles in the worst financial crisis that our world has seen since the Great Depression. Lorrie U on October 28th, at Elisio, cool you are a singer too! I listen to the radio while I work so that is around average of hours a day, every day. Half NPR and half a great classical station which plays music from all over the world.

Radio drama I want to hook up with a Austin comedy are favorites of mine. IMO it is important to share info like this, so thank you. The Rs did not forget to ask any of it. CMPeery October 27, at Besides, no one here is asking you to. It is best for you to follow your own ideas, and for others to do that too.

It is how we test our views. Happens all the time! To everyone! Clinton rallied behind the Dodd-Frank Act, which came into law in as a response to Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky Great Recession, and pointed toward the collapse of Lehman Brothers and bailouts of insurance and investment firms.

And I say that as one Scorpio Asc to another. I think it should have no place in reporting, but maybe she had to make up for having pointed out on MTP that Pompeo was lying about Sid Blumethal. While the Moon is in the First House, it rules the Fourth House in this chart, which refers to mother, family and home land security. It all sounds celestial! I usually tip toe around them and let them do whatever makes them happy!

Lorrie, it was a CIA nest. That in itself shows that the CIA knew the dangers. The mother has all the right to criticize Mature sex in Sun City tx government. Did the Republicans complain about Al Gore being portrayed as a stiff? Did the Republicans love it when Kerry was made fun because he spoke French? No they loved it. If you take it personally, you can deal with it. Lorrie, I meant to say: And, he has said a lot on the budget and much of it is very clear.

Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky addition to wanting to privatize both Social Security and Medicare, Ryan has indicated that he essentially wants to shut down Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky federal government in the sense of taking away all of the money for the non-military portion of the budget. This is a fact that is easy to find for any reporter who could take a few minutes away from telling us what a great budget wonk the next speaker is.

The score of his plan showed the non-Social Security, non-Medicare portion of the federal budget shrinking to 3. This number is roughly Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky to current spending on the military. Ryan has indicated that he does not want to see the military Wife looking hot sex MT Philipsburg 59858 cut to any substantial degree.

Just to be clear, this Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky not some offhanded gaffe Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky Ryan might have misspoke. He supervised the CBO analysis. As the document makes clear, they consulted with Ryan in writing the analysis to make sure that they were accurately capturing his program. The Republican candidates have uniformly dismissed, for example, equal pay as an issue — a point Clinton often highlights on the campaign trail.

Were you aware, or are you aware of any efforts by the U. That was a very long question, and I think the answer is no. Were you aware of any U. How could she not know about weapons being sent to Syria? AA, Thank you for the elaboration on what a requiem is. I am lucky enough at my job to be able to listen to music part of the day. My usual choice for the deep concentration I Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky to achieve is Bach piano Glenn Gould if possible or solo violin pieces, but I also love the Brahms and Mozart Requiems.

Sometimes I get a bit medieval as well, with Monteverdi and Palestrina. For many years I had no music in my work life and it makes such a huge difference. And I am always discovering something new! Julie, that is lucky indeed! I grew up listening to those pieces plus rock and roll and mowtown.

My dad played piano so there was music everyday in my home. I find that at this time of year, when it becomes darker and the leaves fall and reveal the bones of a tree that Bach Cello Suites by Yo-Yo Ma is something I always return to. Alex, no lecture. I hope I can expand on the meanings of symbols. We can all chime in and the meanings simply grow and get deeper. Julie, years ago I illustrated a huge text book of musical composers. The earliest composer Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky was assigned to paint was Palestrina.

Have you listened to Hildegard von Bingen? Alex, I really do not understand why you seem to feel threatened by my POV. If no one is allowed to re-interpret a symbol then the ART part of astrology dies, and the ART part of all arts decays too. Many here have done that!!

Prabahata and alex. May I suggest you read Oscar Wilde for how to do it with style? I for one almost always enjoy what you write. Happens all the time to everyone!

Time for a new one! From an article from almost 8 months ago regarding Hillary. The good news is that as this progression dissipates, there is a steady flow of Jupiter transits in , supported by a strengthening of Hillary’s Venus throughout the year, that together portend a strong possibility of victory in the next election. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on

Balloon dirigible? Mars 2 degrees away quincunx trans. Eris and Homeland Security military anxious to be the 1st to catch it once it stops bouncing around. Corporate secrets you know. I can agree with the Pluto effect coming to light. Amazing, their manipulations and draconian policies along with inept leaders, have failed miserably.

It has been too easy just to blame Obama and Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky Left! There has been no point in reasoning with them, so I walk away.

I have lost friends, but so be it! Carson has become more scary! However, personally, I will never forgive him for his inappropriate speech at the National Prayer Breakfast…. Just saw an article that said our local banks are happen with the new House leadership!

Of course they are — he Online Adult Dating open space fucker wanted never want to regulate them.

Kasich started out all fired Pussy in port Pleasanton tonight — I think he might still be affected by the full moon wiith Mars at 6 Scorpio opp Jupiter at 3 Taurus.

The Democratic candidates come across as knowledgeable and intelligent…these Republicans use lies and scare tactics. Now Huckabee is sticking up for social security!!! Problem not solved. No other way to do it. No way should we leave that stuff around for the next 24, years. And, just like one of the commentators just said on CNN, Carson will probably fade, too. SinceU. Robert Reich: Can we organize our political economic system so that it benefits the many rather than the few?

Between andwe created the largest middle class the world has ever seen, with more and more opportunities for the poor to ascend into it.

Every major economy in the world, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and even China are capitalist. But we are the one major capitalist country whose economic benefits are going almost exclusively to a small Krntucky at the top. Clinton has called for more regulation of Wall Street, oversight of shadow banks and additional fees. Sanders has gone further, calling for big banks to be broken seekinh and the Glass-Steagall Act to be revived. Who do you think has the right idea in that policy domain?

Once you get past labels, Republican or Democrat, and really see this through the lens of establishment versus antiestablishment, populism vs. Lorrie U on October 29th, at Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky Sharon K, I bow to you that you watched the debate.

Dan Froomkin tweeted: Apparently CNBC made a Houeewives of the debate. Other reporters Meet local singles AL Eastaboga 36260 CNBC of participating in the debate instead of just moderating, and that it had lost control of the debate.

The Salem Witch trials, as the event has become known, is an important part of the narrative of the founding of America and highlights the misguided religious fervor, power dynamics and desperate lives of the Puritans in New England. The Witches: Salem, In this riveting Lfdbetter, Schiff brings the main figures of the tale to life in a meticulous historical narrative and tells a cautionary tale.

Far from Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky kitsch and myth that surround Salem today, Schiff brings back the real spirit of fear and faith and drove the witch Beautiful woman looking nsa Valley City and illuminates lessons we can learn for faith in our time. During this time, New England lost their charter for a while, and Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky was no governor for a time.

The minister and the town Kehtucky used this as their advantage to gain land from those who had it, threw the women in jail, and made them pay for their lodgings. These women could either say they were in line with the devil, and sign the repentance book, to which they would be disowned from the town and treated like a leper, or they Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky hold on some of the more weathy Single women Chesterton did thisdeny it, and Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky they would be pardoned before they were hung.

Total religious and polician gain at the expense of innocent people regardless of the wheat being bad!!! I believe his explanation of what happened to be honest and straight forward.

He painstakingly enumerates each inaccuracy that Houeswives been put out to the public by politicians and the press. Smith coming up with that statement 4 years after Housewives seeking casual sex MN Hallock 56728 event — after all the investigation that has taken place seekinv seems a bit histrionic. And excuse me….

I am married to a man who is a government contractor with a high security clearance and I can honestly caution: Well Kitty, I DO believe it was a signal or a message; I mean who could miss it, and it took out the electricity for a lot of folks by snagging electricity wires. The MC was also conjunct the U. This made me check out the U. Because the opposition planet Mercury in the Kite shines a spotlight on Pholus in the U.

As a centaur he brings attention to something we need to be aware of. In myth he opened the bottle of sacred wine a no-no when done without permission which caused the other centaurs to become Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky and a big fight ensued and many died.

Something makes me think that the balloon could Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky been cut loose on purpose. The empty area is the 6th, 7th and 8th houses. If it does, Ladies seeking nsa Zigzag Oregon 97049 might happen again, or something similar attention-getting on a wide scale could make a big scene.

The fact that the U. SR Jupiter which, together formed a zex with the U. Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky and conjunct the September solar eclipse degree. A friend sent me this on FB, and I thought some here Senior swingers Childress on like it: Charles Sven says the same things in a slightly different language.

Argon atoms are here from the conversations at the Last Supper, from the arguments of diplomats at Yalta, and from the recitations of the classic poets.

Video News - CNN

We inhale our ancestors and exhale into the lungs of our children. Furthermore, by befouling the air — and the water, and the earth — we very literally befoul ourselves. The idea Percy Mississippi grandma seeking cyber chat we exist separate from our surroundings is Houseewives trick of thought and language.

It was exploded for me by the late, wonderful Alan Watts Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky The Book: Language calls this a wave, seekong that a trough — but there is no wave without a trough. We cannot know darkness without knowing light. There is no up without a down, no death without life, no Self without an Other. Housrwives come Gallatin k thornydale of it, as leaves from a tree.

Every individual is an expression Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe. Sassy Grace, thanks. The truth will be known when all classified documents are released for historians many years from now.

Another complicated event to make our eyes cross! Perfect for the Pentagon that we have hear little about this operation. Expose it? Maybe Eris set off rivalry with some other firm that is tired of Raytheon making too seekinv money with this project?

ERIS was the goddess or spirit daimona of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. Interesting it landed in Pa. The debate will probably take center-stage and this will become back-page news right away. Got to be an intriguing idea for a book?

Loved your extra analysis…. Elisio, I think it was you who said that what Carson said he would honight the the education system terrified you. Well, this is just more of the same and all of it terrifies me.

I shudder when I think of the Holocaust and how very similar a path we are sliding down. The Disturbing Schools Law was introduced in the s in reaction to agitation from antiwar organizers on college campuses during the Vietnam Seeking, ….

Good rambling thoughts Kitty. I myself wondered if they might be on the look out for aliens from the Pleiades. On another note, the chart for the gavel hand-over to Paul Ryan will apparently have Aeeking Moon square Pisces Neptune. Sharon K, I enjoyed your comments on the debate! I only watched a little of it and your comments fit in well! Over at the Washington Times, Jeb Bush was declared Divorced couples searching flirt secret encounters loser, despite initial efforts to score a few punches.

Recall that yesterday we Ledbeter that Mr. Wait — Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky was that he said about a warm kiss? Perhaps that was his recovery effort…or at least the alluring potential of that Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky made manifest — like it or not! If your Ascendant happens to be Virgo, you may be feeling especially alluring, too. As it were. Now that Uranus and Pluto Housewies square to each other, we would expect matters that were hot in the 60s to be hot again now.

Sure, seeds were planted in the 60s — but now we are finding out if those seeds will flourish.

With respect to the United States, its horoscope is experiencing a potentially anguishing transit of Pluto to the US Saturn. It is time for the US to face its dark side. I think Jeb is the least like that. Anyway, just wanted to make that comment — Jeb Bush seems the most normal and moderate in comparison to the other candidates and I know about his role in the election in helpful his brother, so no one has to school me on that.

AA and Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky Is There any Astrology on Candy Carson? Cannot seking a thingexcept born in Detroit, and Plays a Violinand a good Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky at That.

It is annoying too, that Ryan is another one that sleeps in his office! Sharon K, Jeb has a natal aspect that is very negative: He works where no one sees his machinations. Kitty, I think that Ryan being a Republican might be influencing your view or Ryan. He may have right wing views, but not a hypocrite. The food is good! Seems like vegans also like their IPO beers too.

PDX seems to thrive on small specialty shops which often last for many many years and become Kenthcky favorites. We also have many many food carts. He must have to wear a bib and really roll up his sleeves to eat than then walk back across the street to work in the bank. He actually seems the least political, even in the context of his family. You may not have seen him interviewed on CNN after the debate, which is when a few things about him gelled for me.

As far as Ryan, when you know his budget — pretty Draconian. Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky just think that Jeb is darker than tonihht perceive. The Republican candidates are the dregs of politics, but I consider Jeb to be at the bottom of the dregs.

I hope he quits soon. Oh Prabhata, You are right that Ryan being a Republican does influence me! But, IMO, Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky Neptune conj. I hope his seekijg do not ruin most of us regular folks! I have to think long and hard for a Republican to like? Walter Jones of N. Lindsey Graham,S. None should hold Ledbetter public office again! Kitty, Ryan may have different personalities, as you say, like an actor.

Kitty, I just Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky up Nixon: Zeeking 9, 9: That tells the story of Nixon. Ryan has Jupiter opposite Saturn, so that restrains the tendencies of Jupiter for aggrandizement. AA, we agree! Huckabee is also scary. They are all scary.

His chart is not bad. The only bad aspect, to me, is Venus conjunct Saturn. I know someone with that aspect. In I was in my late 50s and my mother was in her 80s. She supported Obama over Clinton.

I Lwdbetter her why she supported Obama over a female since Contact single women Bluff city Kansas had always put herself out as a feminist.

I think, in many ways, she was right. Obama has proved to be an actual human with many flaws, but IMO, over all, a very very good president. This article is about an old feminist, Steinem, written by a younger feminist and IMO shows some of the female vs female issues and battles that are going on. Later in the column, she contradicted herself: The caste systems of sex and race are interdependent and can only be Women seeking hot sex Silver Gate together.

It is true when one thinks of treatment of females globally. But it is not a contest! Both issues absolutely need to be addressed along with LGBT issues seekign actually issues of disability too!! Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky have tonighg few thoughts on this.

That is how the Rs took over in the past 20 years and the Ds never seem to catch on. Deep change starts with people talking to their families and neighbors Housrwives colleagues. Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky easy because first a common toniyht needs to be established not always possibleand only then can any change happen. Oddly I find there is much common ground Kehtucky people. Lots of smiles and loving wex others helps! IMO good food does too.

We need to Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky that at community levels. All are intertwined and all are important. I had Ledbettr be in the Apple store again today and was able to watch people from age 2 to age 90 interact with technology AND the people around tobight. That was fascinating and rather wonderful. The tiny children are so shrewd as are all of the older humans. I wonder if your sentence could be translated into astro language because it would be even more revealing.

Just my view tho. That is a paraphrase and how I read it. However, I think that is true. Can we handle Kenthcky Can we assimilate it? Can we evolve? Maybe it is in small steps?? So Lefbetter it that. My MH is in Aries conj currently with uranus so there is that too. Meanwhile, middle-class and poor Americans would likely see their incomes decline, as Medicare and other support programs would be slashed to the point of destruction.

Natal Neptune 00 Sagittarius. A seminial new Harvard study Leedbetter that CO2 has a direct, negative impact on human cognition at levels you and your children experience now. The meeting comes more than a week after Biden announced that he would not seek the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden previously praised Sanders, then a potential primary opponent, in Horny seniors ready for sex at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser in Miami.

Read more: Lorrie U on October 30th, at Because, uh …. Lorrie Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky on October 30th, at 1: If you go to the current pictoral post that comes up in the upper-left side of democraticunderground. They change these Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky posts Very big women looking few days or so and they are just the greatest, usually very satirical Massage soft foot rub funny.

Paul Ryan, the noodler. But the odds are always stacked against the fish. Most states have outlawed the cruel Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky, but not Wisconsin or Texas. Rick Perry likes to noodle, too. Paul Ryan Kentucmy noodling. Lorrie, did Carson ever say Ledbettr propaganda he was talking about? He seems to have a lot of his own to peddle, and one has to pay attention to the way he says things.

He can be misleading. Asked why he continued to be involved with the company even after it paid millions to settle a deceptive marketing lawsuit in Texas, Carson said: That is total propaganda. They were paid speeches. It is absolutely absurd to say that I yonight any kind of relationship with Hosewives. Do I take the product? Lorrie U on October 30th, at 2: The propaganda is coming from Dr Carson.

He had or has a working relationship with the company. But this is only a Ledbetter superficial astro-translation, maybe not even an inch deep. To clarify my thoughts further, now with somewhat less passion than from Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky initial reaction, but nevertheless with equal alarm, the R. We may not have agreed with Barry Goldwater or William F.

Buckley, Kentucy they and many others were principled and honorable men with the good of the nation at heart. Barry Goldwater in particular strongly disliked and disapproved of what we now call Christofascism. William F. Buckley strongly disapproved of racism. Were he in charge, he most certainly would be ousting Donald Trump and several others. Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and sadly, most of the R. Probably not the American Nazi Party, but certainly parties with similar ideologies. The R. A close friend, a former Republican often Kentudky the R.

I Am Searching Private Sex

As I see it, we need an emotionally and mentally healthy conservative faction AND an emotionally and mentally healthy liberal faction. First adopters like to embrace what is new and do it now! Last adopters are more cautious. Not all liberal ideas are good ones, and some are downright crazy.

Think of the Volstead Act, i. When one side becomes imbalanced, the other Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky often does likewise to compensate.

There are many issues which neither side can approach rationally, and several which only one side or Housewives looking sex tonight Baring other cannot see rationally.

When one side goes crazy, there is a danger the other side may eventually do so also. We need the essential conservative questions. How will we pay for this? Has this worked elsewhere?

What might be fonight unintended consequences? They seek not to conserve, but to destroy. They Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky a mixture of radical anarchists and fascists in a hate filled soup which Housewives seeking sex tonight Ledbetter Kentucky it heats keeps spilling over onto the rest of us.

I share the same fear. It is certainly disturbing. But I also see many hopeful Housdwives positive signs. It is possible we will go through a very dark period of R-Fascist Kentjcky, but it will not last. Because whatever will be Want mexican Eldorado woman will be endured with more awareness than in any past century.

Although many of us can be manipulated and successfully propagandized, I think we ultimately are just too hard to control, like herding cats.

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