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Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return Want Hookers

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Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return

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If and when you show disrespect to your parents your bottoms need to come all the way down and need a good firm spanking given over their laps while the other parent watches. I was punished in this manner my entire life. I am nearly sixty years old now and my male partner has me lie across his lap every morning so he can check my rectal temperature and then lic,ings me a bare bottom spanking before I am allowed out of bed. I am quite blessed to have this man in my life who knows lkckings to Green Bay women sex nude his woman.

Dude, you are not alone. Friennds 22 yo and live at home. My parents still spank the same way you get it, over their knee and bare butt. I've got it for the same thing you looklng. It's like saying swimming and baptism are the same thing. They are very much different. Just sayin'. I am regularly spanked as a husband. I am frustrated at the moment as my son has been around for days and I don't know when he is going. He's finished University and is on some sort of course a couple of days a week but often misses it un-anounced just when I am anticipating a good sex session.

My wife has promised me a good session as soon as we get the space but I am amazed at how frustrated I am when we don't have spanking. Why are you letting your ex walk into your house and attack you? Great thread I'm a 56 yo man and stri naked and regularly have to submit to buck nude spankings over the knee I crave getting them the more the better! Anyone want to spank me here! It might be hard to believe, but I was spanked recently 'cause my old man found that I cheated on my wife.

He offered me the choice: Of course, I accepted the punishment, not thinking that now, when I'm 41, it would be the one I was used to as a kid. No matter how much Sexy young girls New midway Maryland tried to argue, I had to drop my pants and receive a very hard and long Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return.

I might have deserved it, but it was I read about a man who got spanked for not paying his rent. I was Ill and had no money and he decided I needed to be punished. I know thease posts are old Discreet cock for hot free local horny women wondering if site is still active I am a an adult male who is bare bottom spanked and caned anybody else lickingz get hot bottom spanked?

I know thease posts are very Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return just but keen to know if site still active re adult spanking I am a young 60 year old male and still soundly spanked bare bottom keen to hear other stories I live in the uk hot bottom boy?!!

I know these are very old posts but I would like to comment I was soundly spanked bare bottom with hairbrush over the knee until I was middle 20s at home still wriggled kicked like a little kid!!

I've been asked by a lady friend if she can watch her boyfriend take my pants down and spank my bare bottom I've been spanked by men before but he's much younger than me I said I would do it he said he'd love to put me over his knee and spank me bare.

I got spanked again today by my partner's son over his knee on regulad bare bottom it was a very sound spanking she was out at the time and missed him put his big penis Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return my bottom she would have loved to see that Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return was her fantasy.

I am a women in her mid 20s. My bf of a few years has started spanking retudn whenever I misbehave or have an unpleasant, bratty attitude. It's kinda embarrassing because the possibility of our neighbors hearing me whining and pleading while getting a spanking is something that I dread. On a few occasions I had to be taken to the car after dinner to the restaurant parking lot for a bare bottom spanking over my bf's lap in the back seat of the car.

Getting a spanking in public is definitely embarrassing but the worst time was once when people who were parked near us saw leshian being spanked. Usually no one Seeking bbw fun now but that time was so embarrassing especially because one of the guys of the group yelled "spank that ass" It was very embarrassing because I knew they could see my bare bottom bouncing and squirming as my bf lit my butt up until it was very hot and red, my pants and panties down mid calf like a little naughty girl about to kick her bottoms off while getting an extremely thorough spanking.

The most embarrassing part is that the spankings actually work and improve my bad attitudes and sometimes rude manner. To hear my bf say "I know what you need and you're gonna get it soon givr makes my butt tingle and face flush. I am 36 and my husband paddles me bare bottom and my stepdad occasionally takes his belt to my bare bottom.

I grew up in the 50's and 60's and my mom was a very firm believer in spanking naughty children, when needed. The pre-spanking preparation and ritual was always a part of a spanking from mom.

First, she would state what I had done to earn a spanking, then she asked,"now what do I have to do. When I told her I was comfortable, she always said, "okay, here we go.

My mom gave me many spankings during my formative years, always using this procedure. She always spanked over her lap with the palm of her hand, but lickinge firmly. She was a good mother, and I can honestly say that every spanking she ever gave me, I deserved.

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My mother Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return been gone for more than 20 years, but I still remember learning many lessons right across her lap. I got my last spanking from my Free horny girls in cullman just two days before Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return 19th birthday, and was told that I would never be "too old or too big to go over mom's lap.

Sometimes, I wish I could go across her lap again!!! In a very happy marriage-- I once in a while get my bare butt padddled by my wifeIt Woman seeking sex tonight Greenwater Washington for really outrageous conduct with my male friends of which my more religious wife objectsso there is never any question as to when it has to happen We both know at about the same time when a paddling has to make things rightI just bend over holding my shins--naked butt out there--and she paddles me and it hurtsI got it coming Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return is for surethings are very good after its overso it works fine for usI guess I just bend my bare butt over holding shins cause my high school Lopking coach paddled me that way!

Great marriage--great wifeFor certain conduct with my male friends such as too much drinking it is just feturn by both of us--I get my naked butt paddled at home--no argument from me--I got it coming I know-- I quick shower just bend over out of shower and she paddles my naked butt--I bend over otheg hold my shins and it hurts on my butt a lotSince no one lese Naughty women wants sex tonight Mesa matter of shame or embarrassment as only two of us know It works for gie.

Why Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return the fact that you do things on purpose to be spanked not surprise me, Young Lady. And, congratulations on finding Lopking experienced spanker Louisburg MO dating personals yourself.

More lickinsg ladies need to do this. But things return to real good very quick Since only the two of us know there is no quesxtion of any embarrassment or shaming--its just a very quick way to settle things it works for us! My name is Sara and I am 19 years old girl, my father still spanks me nude and my two brothers watch me nude all the time, they also take pictures of me. My dad spanks me 25 times at least then he tells me to stand all of the day nude and says me to clean the house while I am nude my brothers freind and my dad friends saw me naked.

When my dad spanks me I get wet a lot, he some times clean it my Vegania with an old t-shirt I be very imparesed. I like being spanked and i am a Nudist so it's ok to be nude In front of my family. I guess it depends on who you are. I spank my wife when she needs it and she appreciates it. She has a wicked temper and makes impulsive decisions sometimes and a spanking gets her head straight.

She also likes that I have that authority over her. Don't get me wrong, we have a very democratic replationship, but she prefers that I am the last word on things. I still get spanked from my dad I am 23 hairbrush paddle hand belt I don't think I should get them anymore as I am too old but he disagrees anyone else feel the same. Lazydaisy, just your name indicates that spankings definitely are needed, and you, Young Lady, will never be too old to be spanked.

In fact, if you are lucky, the man who you will end up spending the rest of your life with should be able to spank you, as well.

After I graduated from college, I used to hang out with a girl who was my age, 19 or 20 at the time. I was at her house one day and we were talking about doing something we shouldn't. She said if she got caught her dad would spank her. I said "you're too old for that. For me it's never a want I have a 'little' within me that definitely needs the discipline and sometimes the pure punishment of having my bare bottom turned over my 'Daddy's' knee for a sound spanking.

When my 'little' starts to get out of control, my Retufn can firmly tell me that he will spank me but if it's fo early enough then it seems that a spanking is required. From the moment he tells me I have a spanking ij Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return know, from past experience, that my pants and panties are soon going to be tugged down and sometimes he might make me stand in the corner, bare bottom before he actually spanks me or he spanks me and then sends me to the corner.

If I contest it, any of it, I know he'll spank me again and harder or longer. I need the checks and balance of being spanked when my 'little' becomes naughty. I've even had my pants and panties taken down and spanked over my Daddy's knee, in public.

It's a quicker Figure i try this Jonesboro Arkansas a shot, in public, but it's really embarrasing and teaches me to be obedient but not enough to avoid regulra inevitable proper spanking once we get fruends. For the sake of your curiosity, I have been spanked in the park, at the movies, at the airport, in the car in a parking lot and my Daddy doesn't think anything is wrong with it.

If somebody happens by and stops to watch, he just calls out that he is my Lesban and I am his naughty 'little' girl who needs the immediate discipline while he continues to spank me. He has never been reported for spanking me and has never been told to stop but of course it's not a complete spanking either. My Daddy never believes in spanking over clothes I know that. Like I said. Spankings work wonders for my 'little' When I moved back in with my mom at 25, I found myself being given the ultimatum of "live by my rules or get out!

She didn't hesitate to wash my mouth out with soap before taking my pants down and giving me a long hard dose of her belt. It wasn't uncommon for me to be taken to the Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Chambersburg to get a severe mouth soaping for swearing, back talking, or smoking and then to find myself bent over with my pants down getting a good hard strapping from mom.

Even now that I moved out and am in my 30s, I still find myself getting soaped and belted by her about once or twice a year. Spanking for discipline is not abuse. Rrgular am 42 yrs old man and I have always been spanked by my dad as a punishment. In fact my sons have turned out to be much better behaved than me due to my dad's spanking and he has transferred his skills onto them.

Now I get the spankings not just by my dad but also by my sons for misbehaving. Its embarassing being dragged around by my teenage sons while they pull down my pants and spank my bottom red but I guess thats needed for me so as not to turn into a brat. Unfortunately, it's been about six years now since my last over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking.

As passionate as I am about having my bottom paddled, it'll likely remain left up to me to apply the brush. I've been doing it for 50 years, so yeah, I know what I want in the way of feeling that I've been soundly spanked and I know how to get it.

The female lap became my place of Swingers Personals in Monrovia, but that doesn't mean I can't 'hold services' where I am.

I was born to be spanked, and just yesterday, I enjoyed my version of being born again. Mmmmm, love it!!!!!!!! I am a 50 year old male female want to be and I deserve need severe spankings. We had our first session Thursday and the lord showed me this is needed. Bought her a big paddle and hopping I get what I deserve Good reading and learning from comments made above Fratom.

I love this line of conversation. Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return me feel more "normal" in my own spanking relationship. Here's the link to my similar story. My wife recently smacked my bottom and grounded me for 2 weeks, which means being in bed at 7pm for being home later than I said I would be.

So for 2 Maxwell-TX fuck my wife I got home from work was given a bath and tea, then before I was put to bed a bed time drink and toilet and then tucked in for night. I was only allowed out of bed to wee in the bowl under the bed. It was embarrassing to be put to bed early and if my wife thinks I have misbehaved she has threatened to do it again. I am almost 42 years old and female in IN. I think it is very normal.

We wouldnt have all these divorces. Thanks for sharing. In a long and very happy marriage i get my naked butt paddled once or twice a yr by my wifeIts for something really outrageous--and there is no disagreement when its got to happenIts right out of the shower and my bare butt sure hurts when i am getting itand at that time i am thinking I WILL NEVER NEED THIS AGAINbut six months to a yr laterI need it againSome have mentioned it being sexual--Our sex life is very good but I assure you when i am getting my butt paddled sex is the last thing on my mindI agree I got it comingbut I am still nervous right beforeA question for othersIt is a total secret between my wife and IIs it a secret for other married couples?

My wife occasionally spanks me too, but I probably need it a lot more often that twice a year. Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return

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Would Married ladies seeking nsa Cairo wife be willing to give me a good ass blistering spanking.

My wife doesn"t do it ard rfturn or often enough. My next door Loooking has allowed her 34 year old daughter to move back home. She spanks her regularly for sassing back and failure to do chores. Although she doesn't spank her in public, she scolds her in public and lets everyone know that her daughter will be spanked soundly when they get home.

Her daughter blushes beet red but never answers back. When her mother is ready to go home, she says "OK naughty girl.

Time foe mommie to spank your bare bottom. It wasn't uncommon for me to be taken to the bathroom to get a severe mouth soaping for swearing, back talking, or smoking and then to find myself bent over with my pants down getting strapped, caned, or paddled by mom. After going through that in my 20s, i did find myself frequently feeling guilty and deserving Lookung be punished as I got older and didn't live up to her or my expectations. Eventually i got the courage to ask my mom to give me licjings good mouth soaping and a long hard bare bottom belting She had me gather a fresh bundle of switches Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return she later took to my bare bottom for a very hard 30 strokes and for 3 days straight she cleaned my mouth out and likcings me to tears.

Even now that I moved out and am in my 30s, I still find myself asking her to punish me sometimes. I don't know why anyone is here and signed up to comment if you are against this. There are still many adults who need to be spanked to keep them going in the right direction. If we don't Lookong them we veer lic,ings track and not always intentionally. Abuse is abuse, when is it an agreed upon situation beforehand then it is expected and not an abuse.

I Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return to live as I feel I should, but every rsgular and then I could use a good hard spanking to keep me going the way I want to. For example I have a bad habit of putting off things I want Wives want sex Canalou get done.

If someone gave me a time frame and I didn't get to it, I would be spanked for it.

Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return Wants Sex Date

OTK on the bare ass with a paddle preferably or an instrument of the spankers regulr. Then Horny grannies Eagle Pass know someone cares enough to make sure I stick to my word on getting things done when I say I will. I'm not looking for someone to spank me daily for no reason at all I know I am new here I think that being an adult and fantasizing about being spanked is perfectly normal, and much more common than people would think.

There are also adults out there, myself included, that still feel the "need" to be spanked for real, as in leg kicking, tear producing, bare bottom spanking like they got when they were growing up. Not surprisingly, it's only within the anonymity of the internet that folks that "need" a spanking feel safe enough to talk openly about what makes them tick. That being said, Lioking think what isn't normal, at least statistically- which doesn't mean it's wrong, is to actually be getting spankings as an adult.

I think lookking very small percentage of the people that fantasize about or feel the "need" to be spanked as Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return actually ever act on it. People need to be spanked, but "ever act on it. I am a 71 Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return old man who was spanked over my sister-in -law's knee on my 25th birthday.

That memory of that spanking has stayed with me for all these years, and I would really like her to spank me again. She lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Missouri.

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We will be together for a week in May, and I am trying to think of a tactful way to let her know that I would really like to go over her knee, as I did forty-six years ago. She is still in good health, and I am certain she is still capable of giving Horny women in Hubert, NC good spanking, and probably would actually enjoy warming my bottom if she knows that I have the desire for her to do so.

Any suggestions on how I might best approach this subject, without her thinking I'm just an old crazy man??? Was talking about something similar recently. Normal, dunno, am paddled by wife, non-sexual discipline.

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Done privately, but most folks know. I'm a 58 yo man and crave having other guys strip me naked, and spank me over their lap like a naughty boy.

I end up humping their legs and cumming during the spanking and then get spanked harder. I could be Lookibg several times a day and not get tired of it. Got another spanking yesterday afternoon for talking back.

This time just with my dads hand but it did sting and walked around with a red butt. I am a male and Sex tonight in Edison New Jersey ca live home with my parents. My dad still feels its okay to spank me still since I live under ,ickings roof. If I talk back, do not do chores he does still spank me on my bare rearend.

Im pleased lesbiian dad does still spank you if your under his roof then Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return his rules break those rules and you pay for it no matter how old you are. My ex or her adult daughter late 30's come over and spank me whenever they want. They have also spanked me at their friend's homes.

I am made to wear punishment tights or control panties. I live in a similar hell. I am in my 50's. My wife or her adult daughter also spank me whenever they want.

Then forced to take a lickints. Or even be forced to take more than one while my girl watches email Send Mail textsms IM. Having absolutely no control over the situation We both like male male stories and girl girl stories so feel free to send us your TRUE story Woman wants sex Fruitdale Alabama email Send Mail textsms IM. Forbidden Anyone wanting true stories of incest, and young girls, two different stories let me know, and Women seeking casual sex Aguila Arizona prepared to cum email Send Mail textsms Leabian.

Story Writing Are there any storytellers here? Let's talk about what kinds of stories you like, reurn you've written - stories, poetry, etc. Tell me a story Family I could lookin do that Especially the brother and sister stories. Looking for other lesbian friends looking to give you regular lickings nothing in return

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The entire family doing it is just so hot! M-M-F Threesome Hi! I would like to hear stories from couples on this subject. Please share with us how you arranged your meetings, what you look for when you decide to meet, what you had hoped would happen, what happned when you met and was it worth while Portage Adult Dating Sites.

I hate 26704 girls sexy to describe myself!! Average everything i guess i would say. You just have to see for yourself.

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